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Pathways to Success: Nevlin Anderson

Nevlin Anderson has always aspired to work behind the camera. After studying General Education at GOTAFE, he has now been accepted to study a Diploma of Film & Television in Melbourne. Here is the story of his 'Pathway to Success'.

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Post date: 19th June 2020

Choosing what to do with your future is a big decision – and one that most people do not take lightly! The beginning of the journey through education can be daunting but we don’t want you to stress about it. Whether you are in secondary school and starting from the beginning, looking for career advancement and starting to gain new skills or changing direction and starting again; there are plenty of ‘Pathways to Success’.

Here are some inspirational stories to remind you that regardless of your background, prior experience, test scores or academic achievements, your dream course or job is within reach!

Big Bright Lights:

Nevlin Anderson, who has always aspired to being on film and creating small film projects, started on his pathway to success by studying General Education at GOTAFE in order to enable him to go onto higher education. He has recently fulfilled his dream and been accepted into JMC Academy Film School in Melbourne! Here, Nevlin answers some of our questions about his journey to this point:

Nevlin Story Photo 1

What were the most interesting parts of your course at GOTAFE?

“I was able to work with a range of people from different cultures and backgrounds over 2 years while I completed different units relating to my university foundation studies”.

How do you think you’ll use what you studied at GOTAFE in your future?

“I hope the grammar and punctuation skills that I have learnt from GOTAFE can help me progress through the assessment tasks around the theory work at JMC obtain further education at university".

Film Board

What do you think makes a good teacher?

“I think compassion and patience makes good teachers; they need to be really patient with their students because not everyone that sits in a classroom is running at the exact same pace.”

What made you want to go onto studying a Diploma in Film and Television?

“I was enrolled in drama classes as a child and since then have always been a massive fan of being on film and creating small film projects. I will be attending JMC Academy in Melbourne, a film school on the South Bank”.

Nevlin Story Photo 4

What do you see yourself doing in the future?

“I would really like to be a successful entertainer and host a show like Big Brother. I’d love to be a stand-up comedian, telling funny stories about my personal life. Starting up my own production company would also be cool”.

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