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Student Voice

Your voice as a student is of the highest importance, nominations are now open for Student Council & Class Reps

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At GOTAFE, your voice as a student is of the highest importance. We not only value your voice, feedback and opinions, but find it critical in informing how GOTAFE operates. After all, GOTAFE is here for our students.

The student voice refers to the range of ways in which you can engage in decisions and actions which shape your learning environment. For instance, the social, recreational, and physical aspects of your learning environment; and providing direction and feedback about ways in which both your learning and wider experiences at GOTAFE can be enhanced.

Ways to take part

There are a few ways in which you can express your student voice

Student Council

The GOTAFE Student Council is made up of current students who are caring, passionate and dedicated, and are elected to represent you here at GOTAFE. They are here to support and encourage fellow students through whatever issues or concerns arise on campus, communicating with GOTAFE staff and services on behalf of students and their interests

The role of the Student Council is to:

  • improve students’ lives and experiences at GOTAFE by communicating and collaborating with the management and services of GOTAFE.
  • be your contact point for any support, concerns or ideas you have about student life at GOTAFE.
  • meet regularly and undertake continuous professional development to equip them to be effective advocates for you.
  • represent various student populations at GOTAFE and embody and reflect the GOTAFE Social Justice Charter

Class Reps

A Class Rep acts as a voice for students of their class and year, liaisoning between their classmates, the Student Council, and staff at GOTAFE.

They have an important role that makes a big difference to day-to-day student life. In particular, Class Reps can help with advocating for students and can give student opinion to the trainer to ensure your voice is heard. They can also raise issues and ideas with the Student Council and be your liaison with any other groups within GOTAFE.

Feedback using Ziplet

From time-to-time, your trainers and GOTAFE departments will seek your opinion and feedback using Ziplet. You will be encouraged to join Ziplet at enrolment and also by your trainer.

It is a quick easy way to provide feedback to your trainer or GOTAFE departments by participating in short surveys (usually no longer than 3 questions). You can even do so anonymously.

Positions on the Student Council

The following are the Student Council roles open for nomination for 2022 with some students from 2021 continuing in the Council to share their experience.

Student Council President

Lead the Student Council, taking part in all Council acitivites and sit on GOTAFE's committees representing the interests of the student body. Nominations for the Student Council President will also be interviewed by a panel reflecting the Executive and Senior Management Team and student representatives of GOTAFE.

Campus Representative

There are 4 Campus representative positions (Shepparton, Wangaratta, Benalla, Seymour and one open position representing Wallan). This representative will take an active part in all Council activities and will sit on GOTAFE committees representing the interests of the student body on their nominated campus. To nominate for this role, you will need to be enrolled in a course of study at the particular campus you want to represent.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Council Representative

This representative will speak on behalf of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and will sit on GOTAFE committees representing the interests of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander student body.

Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Student Council Rep

This representative will speak on behalf of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse student body and represent the student body on various GOTAFE committees and services.

Nominations for 2022

The GOTAFE Board is seeking to establish a Student Council to ensure the student voice reaches the core of GOTAFE. Similarly, the Senior Leadership of GOTAFE would like to see the establishment of GOTAFE Class Reps to provide continuous input into the daily life of teaching and support.

  • To nominate yourself or a fellow student, you will need to be or intend to enrol into a course at GOTAFE for the duration of 2022.
  • Nominations can be made for both a Student Council member and/or a Class Rep but you can only hold one position during your term.
  • Candidates must be endorsed by another current GOTAFE student.
  • Candidates must submit an application form including a blurb, with a limit of 200 words. It should state why you are running and what you want to achieve.
  • Attend a candidate briefing and photo session in March or April 2022 (COVID restrictions apply).
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How to nominate

Nominations open on Monday 15 November 2021 and will close on Friday 18 February 2022.

General information on the Student Council

  • The term for all of the council roles is held over a calendar year i.e. 1 January – 31 December.
  • Student Council representatives are expected to contribute up to 16 hours a month for meetings and activities.
  • Student Council training will be provided before and during your time on the council as needed.
  • Council members are required to be available in the week before each Semester begins to assist with the welcoming of new students.
  • Council members will receive an honorarium payment of for their contribution payable in the last part of term 4 of the year.