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Corporate Information

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Our Values

GOTAFE’s people, practices and processes commit to the following values:

Integrity - Be honest, reliable and trustworthy.

Collaboration - Partner with others to achieve goals.

Accountability - Take responsibility for your actions.

Respect - Appreciate and accept each other’s differences.

Excellence - Aim high.

Environmental Initiatives

Many environmental sustainability initiatives have been implemented by GOTAFE over recent years.

A Strategic Goal to “achieve strong financial results, environmental improvements and contribute to social development in our region” guides the organisation, while environmental objectives and actions are established in an Environmental Management Plan.

Key performance outcomes of the 2018 year are summarised in the following table:

Environmental ImpactsEnvironmental PerformanceNote
Automotive Travel (Km)Reduced travel in Institute vehicles by 16.7% on 2017 level1
Waste generation (tonnes)Decreased general waste by 0.6% on 2017 level. Recycling rate reduced from 24.4% to 22.9%2
Electricity (kWh)Decreased electricity consumption by 8.9% on 2017 level4
Natural Gas (GJ)Decreased natural gas consumption by 4.0% on 2017 level4
Greenhouse Gas Emissions (CO2-e)Emissions Decreased by 9.1% on 2017 level3
Water (kL)Increased usage by 1.8% on 2017 level


  1. Automotive travel includes Institute cars used by staff and buses for student travel; excludes tractors and quad bikes used in training delivery
  2. Waste is general waste; does not include metal recycling or composting
  3. Greenhouse Gas Emissions data includes emissions from energy (electricity, gas) and transportation (Institute vehicles, plane travel); emissions from general waste is not available.
  4. Energy reduction due to campus closures at Leongatha, Terang and Warragul.


GOTAFE has a rich history of providing quality technical, vocational and further education.

GOTAFE (Goulburn Ovens Institute of TAFE) was established on 1 October 1996 with the amalgamation of the Goulburn Valley Institute of TAFE and the Wangaratta Institute of TAFE. The amalgamation followed a review of TAFE services in North East Victoria, headed by Dr Tom Kennedy.

The Goulburn Ovens Institute of TAFE was authorised under Section 23 of the Vocational Education and Training Act 1990 and its’ Board established under Section 24 of the Act. Its’ powers and duties are primarily established in its’ Constitution, the Education and Training Reform Act 2006, the Tertiary Education Act 2003 and the Financial Management Act 1994.

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