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Board & Executive Team

Meet the team taking GOTAFE into the future.

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Our Executive team and Board Directors bring a diverse expertise from careers across different industries. This diversity of knowledge ensures we have the necessary skills and strategic outlook to take us forward into the future, and maintain quality leadership and governance over time.

Executive Team

Travis Heeney, CEO

Travis Heeney


Karen Taylor, Executive Director Education

Karen Taylor

Executive Director Education

Nick Gray, Executive Director Corporate Services

Nick Gray

Executive Director Corporate Services

Sharon Olivier, Executive Director Strategy and Governance

Sharon Olivier

Executive Director Strategy and Governance

Cameron Cahill, Executive Director Attraction and Engagement

Cameron Cahill

Executive Director Attraction and Engagement

Board Members

GOTAFE’s Board directors come from a range of backgrounds and have a variety of skills. The Board aims to have members from diverse backgrounds to provide GOTAFE with the skills necessary for quality leadership and good governance.

Diana Taylor, Board Chair

Diana Taylor

Board Chair

Angela Verde, Deputy Board Chair

Angela Verde

Deputy Board Chair

Jenny Wilson, Board Member

Jenny Wilson

Board Member

Kate Fraser, Board Member

Kate Fraser

Board Member

Philip Eggleston, Board Member

Philip Eggleston

Board Member

Debbie Spring, Board Member

Debbie Spring

Board Member

Daniel Briggs, Board Member

Daniel Briggs

Board Member

Celia Turnbull, Board Member

Celia Turnbull

Staff Elected Board Member

Travis Heeney, Board Member

Travis Heeney


Sharon Olivier, Board Secretary

Sharon Olivier

Board Secretary