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GOTAFE libraries are much more than just books; high quality professional assistance, resources and facilities to support our students.

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COVID-19 Update

In the interest of public health, the GOTAFE Library and GOTAFE Bookshop will be closed for the time being.

  • Borrowed Items: Any items that may have been due during this period will not be due until we reopen.
  • Online Resources: Students can access the full range of online resources, links below.
  • Have a Question? Please contact the library by email or phone 5833 2644. We may have limited staff available over this time, we would really appreciate it if you would leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
Learn more about our latest updates relating to COVID-19

Library Services

GOTAFE libraries are located at the Fryers Street, Shepparton and Docker Street, Wangaratta campuses. The library provides extensive physical and online resources to support students in their study, including comfortable spaces for quiet and group study.

Online Resources & eBooks

Search online for research, articles, eBooks, journals & more

Study & Assessment Help

Our Librarians can assist you with your study & assessments

Help with Referencing

Resources available from experts & guests on a variety of topics

Subject Guides

Let us help you find the most useful resources for your area of study

Learn English

Guides and resources to help you learn english

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Reference Copied Material

The library can also copy a chapter relating to your research from resources in the library collection and email them through to you. During these times we will also add the APA Reference into the email to make your referencing much easier.

Q - If I copy a sentence or image from the internet or book do I need to let the teacher know where I copied it from?

A – Yes you need to provide a reference for all material copied from another source, otherwise your assignment will contain plagiarism and you could be asked to leave the course if there is a lot of copied work in your assignment. Refer to student code of conduct on the topic of Plagiarism for more information.

Q – How do I reference copied content in my assignment?

A – There are many styles of referencing, but at GOTAFE we ask students to use the APA referencing style.

Q – What is APA referencing?

A – Head over to the Referencing page here

Q – My teacher tells me my referencing isn’t correct, what can I do?

A – Contact the library staff via email or phone 03 5833 2644 and we can guide you with your referencing skills. Provide your contact details and we can also setup a Zoom session to work with you on the document.

Tips on Completing your Assignment

Q – Where do I find the Assessment Cover Sheet?

A – Click here to find the Assessment Cover Sheet. You will also find extension request forms and information relating to your training requirements.

Q – Where do I find information on my assignment

A – Contact the library and we can assist you with your research needs, via email or phone 03 5833 2644.

Q – Help me my teacher says my writing style needs improvement.

A – GOTAFE supports students with their writing of assignments through a service called “Studiosity”, which is a 24 hour service that guides students with writing their assignments. (Just remember it won’t give you the answer, but it will tell you which sentences need to be reworded)

To access Studiosity:

  1. Login to goLearn (Moodle) with your student id number and goLearn password (different from your Office365 password)
  2. Once in goLearn, Click on menu "Learner Support"
  3. Click "Learner's Portal. Here you will see a link to Studiosity.
    Submit your assignment and then in a couple of days they will provide feedback on how to improve your assignment.

Research Tools

Google Scholar – Search limited to research materials

  • Open Internet Browser and go to
  • Set search options to link to GOTAFE Library online Resources
  • Click on Settings at base of list and then choose Library Links below and type in GOTAFE. The GOTAFE Library will appear with a tick box and then choose SAVE.
  • Now when you search Google Scholar it will search GOTAFE resources in background and you should be able to access all our online resources.

Locations, overview & more

Libraries at GOTAFE

Information on what we have available and our partnerships

Locations & Opening Times

Find library locations and when they are open

Borrowing & Access to Services

Check our borrowing terms and how to access services