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Support & Wellbeing Services

While you study at GOTAFE, there are many support services that can help you achieve your goals

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We know that study is just one part of your life, and sometimes you need some support in areas outside your studies. We have a number of wellbeing and support services to help you through life's ups and downs, and to give you the best chance of succeeding in your studies and life.

Compassionate Grants for students

At GOTAFE we understand that sometimes students experience serious financial and personal difficulties whilst studying, due to Extraordinary or Exceptional Life Circumstances beyond their control, which may cause them to withdraw or to be in severe financial hardship.

Money towards your education expenses

Saver Plus is a not-for-profit program that offers $500 for education expenses to eligible participants. If you're on a tight budget, want to build financial skills, and develop life-long savings habits, this program is for you. Visit the Saver Plus website for more information on the program and eligibility requirements.