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Upskill in your downtime!

You could use this downtime to get productive and achieve your professional potential by learning new skills online.

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Social distancing measures and the increased need to stay at home may have given you some extra time on your hands. If the novelty of working from home in your PJ's has worn off and if you’ve already raced through your Netflix queue, now may be a good opportunity to consider how you could get ahead when the current restrictions are lifted.

The nature of the world is ever-changing, and this pandemic has placed a greater focus on the importance of digital skills. You could use this downtime to get productive and achieve your professional potential by learning new skills online. Invest in yourself now by reading on for our upskilling ideas!

Upskill My Business

The Victorian government has launched a new online learning platform “Upskill My Business” in partnership with key industry groups, and education providers. It comes as part of a huge Economic Survival Package to support small businesses and workers through the impacts of the coronavirus crisis.

The platform gives access to a variety of online learning programs that range from one-off webinars to more in-depth short courses. An array of topics is covered including Business Basics, Leadership, Marketing, Finance and Technology. The initiative also sees some well-known educational bodies contribute knowledge and course delivery options including Deakin University, RMIT, La Trobe University and Fair Work Australia.

Upskill My Business Homepage

Check out what's offer!

There is also an opportunity for small business owners to gain some insight into how other small businesses have gained recognition through a series of short videos where they give their top tips for success. If you’ve got a great idea and are thinking about how you could use your skills and knowledge to set up on your own, this is brilliant motivation!

Taking the time to upskill in one of these areas could help future-proof your skillset or shape the future of your business. However, there are also a couple of other ways to ensure you stay ahead of the curve as we begin to get back to normal.

Get on LinkedIn!

LinkedIn is a great tool to be getting familiar with during this time at home. See it as an opportunity to expand your network, get-in-touch with other people in the same industry, uncover hidden job prospects and keep up to date with business and industry specific news and trends.

Update your Linkedin profile to get ahead

Get yourself job ready!

What better way to showcase how you’ve armed yourself with loads of new knowledge than to create a winning CV, cover letter or interview profile.

Here is where you can access online masterclasses and bite-sized webinars to help you gain the right skills to get noticed, career ready, and land your next role.

Take part in our prep for success webinars to get job ready

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