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How a school-based traineeship can kickstart your career

Sarah Lyons gives insight to what's involved and some great advice to help you decide your next steps.

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Post date: 29th November 2021

Which traineeship did you complete?

In 2018 I completed my school-based traineeship in a Certificate III in Business. One day a week I worked at GOTAFE in the Technology and Built Environment department, and I completed my theory work during school hours.

By completing this certificate I was able to gain essential skills in customer service, document preparation, time management and task organisation – all vital skills that I use daily.

Throughout my traineeship I met many different people, whom I now call my colleagues, and developed so many professional relationships. I was also lucky enough to be nominated for the VTA Trainee of the Year, which was an amazing opportunity.

What do you think are the benefits of school-based traineeship education?

One of the main benefits from completing a school-based traineeship is the employment prospects it produces. When I completed my traineeship I was employed by GOTAFE as a full-time Business Support Officer.

Now I am an Executive Assistant at GOTAFE, and absolutely love my job! By completing the traineeship I was able to understand if I did actually enjoy administration as a potential career path. It opened the opportunity to kickstart my career through GOTAFE after completing year 12.

Other benefits of completing a school-based traineeship include:

  • Gaining an understanding of different career paths and industries that exists. This allows you to gain an understanding of what you are interested in pursuing as a career.
  • Gaining an additional qualification whilst completing your education certificate (VCE or VCAL).
  • Provides networking opportunities which can lead to future job opportunities.
  • Gives you both a qualification and work experience, which benefits the quality of your resume. This will give you a better chance at gaining employment.
  • Learn numerous skills on the job.

What advice do you have for someone who might be thinking about doing a traineeship?

Advice I would give someone that isn’t sure on what they would like to do is to go and speak to people who are currently in the industry you’re interested in. By speaking to people who are currently employed in the area of interest, you’re able to get an understanding of what the job entails and if it seems right for you. You’re able to ask them all the questions you have about the job, which allows you to make a more informed decision.

And of course, just go for it! There are so many benefits gained from completing a traineeship that you won’t regret doing it. I suggest doing your research first on the different types of traineeships that are available, and if you’re interested in one then I suggest you apply.

Interested to try a school-based traineeship?

We are currently accepting applications via our careers page. Please click view available jobs to see which traineeships you can apply for.