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Refugee Week 2021

In celebration of Refugee Week, Spoken and Written English students worked together to create a culinary experience for GOTAFE Shepparton staff and peers.

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Post date: 25th June 2021

If anything has been learned following the isolating and fragmenting experiences of 2020, it is that unity is the way forward. This year for Refugee Week, the theme “Unity” illustrates the idea of coming together to rebuild and the positive influence it can have for refugee and asylum seekers experiences when being part of an interwoven community.

"We have a chance to show our traditional foods and culture. It reminds me of family and it’s a nice feeling to experience."

- David Kanyegele, Spoken and Written English Student

Refugee Week 1 1

Refugee Week is a celebration of welcomeness, inviting those seeking refuge and safety to feel encouraged to call Australia home. The intention of partaking in Refugee Week is to create a better understanding between different communities and inspire positive experiences in our multi-cultural society.

"There’s an enormous amount of obstacles refugee status or asylum-seeker individuals have had to overcome in order to get here. I think the fact that they’ve arrived here and reached some safety and security speaks volumes for the challenges they’ve faced. They’re having to receive education and adapting to a completely foreign situation."

- Ria Anderson, Coordinator of the English Language Department

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At GOTAFE, students and staff worked together to create a culinary experience that featured traditional Afghani, Arabic and Congolese dishes for the public to enjoy over the lunch period. Those who were fortunate had the opportunity to indulge in Chicken Mouryani, Chicken Kabsa and a dish featuring flatbread with fish in a tomato-based sauce. There was an overwhelming sense of pride among the community as students shared stories with their peers through the dishes that were prepared.

"At GOTAFE we are obviously very proud of our Social Justice Charter. Our staff really wanted to come together for the celebration and what better way to do it than to collaborate with our students. Our students have been absolutely fantastic today cooking up some traditional dishes and bringing their culture to the GOTAFE experience."

- Daniel Gardener, Coordinator for Diversity and Inclusion

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In celebrating our refugee communities in Australia, we bring together existing and emerging communities, strengthen relationships and work toward common goals: unified. Stronger, safer, happier, healthier: together.