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Trouble recruiting? You’re not alone

With low unemployment levels and a limited pool of candidates, employers need to focus more on offering what applicants want.

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Post date: 24th August 2022

In today’s world, employers need to focus more on offering what applicants want. The HIRE method can assist employers to meet candidate needs.


What is appealing about you and your job opportunity? We promote the GOTAFE Jobs Portal to current students who are generally looking for part-time, suitable hours or some flexibility in the work. If you can offer that, make sure it is evident in the job ad.


Are people not applying because your ad suggests a particular type of person is wanted? Consider adding “all applications will be considered irrespective of age, ability or experience” or looking into supported employment opportunities or traineeships.


What is negotiable? Don’t focus on what the ideal applicant will have – be realistic about what you will accept in a new employee—using words like preferred or desirable rather than required or include “willing to learn” to encourage those who are hesitant because they have no experience in the area.


Will you provide on-the-job training? Or are you prepared to support a candidate complete a short course? Many students are looking to step into the workforce and are eager to gain skills that will be valuable in the long term.

Wendy Killeen, Managing Director & Brand Ambassador at Stanton and Killeen Wines in Rutherglen, appreciates the importance of understanding the industry and the knowledge behind making great wine.

“Classroom study, along with onsite training is an excellent way to learn,” said Wendy.

“There is a shortage of qualified and committed people in the employment pool in the wine industry across the north-east of Victoria.”

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