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The best pizza dough in the world?

As the weather gets cooler and we’re looking for ways to warm our bellies and hearts while we’re at home.

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Post date: 17th April 2020

By Eric Bittner – Wangaratta GOTAFE Café Supervisor

I know – It's a big call.

I have been making a pizza dough from the Pizza Modo Mio Cookbook (great topping suggestions btw) and it’s been ok... but watching Ugly Delicious on Netflix a few weeks ago while we are social distancing got me inspired. They had an episode on pizza – both in America and Italy.

Now you baking students can have a look at the following recipe and work out that it is an 80% water recipe. Most of your breads are between 60-67%.

This recipe has two other things going for it: no knead = no effort and slow fermentation = low yeast/high flavour. Put simply? It’s packed with flavour and doesn’t sit in your gut fermenting at the end of the night – you know that feeling.

As the weather gets cooler and we’re looking for ways to warm our bellies and hearts while we’re at home, why not give it a crack and see if it really is the best pizza dough in the world!

The Recipe

Check out the videos and recipe instructions

BUT keep reading below to get some extra tips!


  • 625 g (22 oz) flour
    4½ dl (2 cups) water
  • ½ dl (1/4 cup) oil
  • 2 tsp salt
  • Fresh yeast the size of a pea (1/4 tsp dry or instant yeast)

You can read the method they give through the link above but here are a few little extras tips:

Tips on making pizza dough

  • Make double or triple the quantity so that you can use it over a few days for flat breads.
  • It keeps just fine out of the fridge for three days or you can put it in the fridge after a day and it will be fine there for at least five days.
  • Any dough that is left over you can freeze in plastic bags or you can make a few pizza bases up and par-bake them – they take up more room in the freezer but they are ready to go for a quick dinner.
  • And the last use I found for them was to roll out the dough into thin strips and shallow fry them – perfect with soup or curry.
  • Remember to leave the dough around the edge of your pizza base a little bit thicker and crank your oven up to 260 degrees for 30 minutes before cooking – it'll cook with radiant heat as well as convection. You’ll even get those black burnt bubbles like you’d get from a wood fired pizza!
Eric Pizza 1 dough

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