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Pathways to Success: Tyson Saunders

Tyson Saunders commenced his life after school with an apprenticeship at GOTAFE. He now has his own business and employs his apprentices from GOTAFE.

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Post date: 24th November 2020

Life After School: What's Next?

Life after school can be daunting. But thankfully at GOTAFE, there are plenty of options available to find the future that's right for you.

Found yourself at a crossroads? Jump online to use GOTAFE's newly established careers quiz that analyses your skills, personality and interests and matches them to suitable jobs in a wide range of industries. It might even suggest ideas you haven't considered before! There is also a team of friendly careers advisors on hand who have a wealth of information on apprenticeships and education pathways to ensure that your career goals are within easy reach.

Tyson Saunders Electrical

Former GOTAFE student Tyson Saunders is proof that once you are set on the right path, the sky is the limit. Tyson started his career with an electrical apprenticeship through GOTAFE and has now established his own business, 'Tyson Saunders Electrical.' He now employs two students with an A-grade electrician, all of whom embarked on life after school with a course at GOTAFE.

"GOTAFE is a really nice place to study and there is massive support from the teachers and staff," Tyson said. "The fact that my apprentices go through GOTAFE gives me the confidence to know that they're going to get the right training. It takes the pressure off, knowing that they're going to get the best they can."

Tradies Smiling Shepparton Campus

Jack Scrimizzi works as an apprentice with Tyson and says that studying with GOTAFE has given him the tools to get prepared for the workforce.

"I've definitely learned heaps through my apprenticeship," Jack says. "On the job, you pick up everyday skills that you can always benefit from in the future and it prepares you for the proper work."

"In my classes, there are lots of students from out of town, so it's given me the opportunity to meet and mingle with a bunch of new people. The teachers are great too, right from my first year all the way through to where I am now. I've had great teachers who have given me the time of day to make sure I know what I'm learning about and really understand it."

Tradies Smiling Shepparton Campus2

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