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A greener future for production horticulture students and industry

GOTAFE is excited to announce that we will soon be delivering education from a new hothouse in Shepparton.

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Post date: 25th February 2022

The Hon. Minister Gayle Tierney launched the hothouse on 24 February, which will prepare students for rewarding careers in the horticulture industry.

The hothouse will feature a hydroponic fit-out, irrigation systems, computer controls, solar and thermal screens, guttering, benches, and a fogging system that helps to maintain an optimal growing temperature – and can be controlled by a smartphone.

Rob Hall, Coordinator Land at GOTAFE said the new hothouse will provide a facility for students to gain experience before heading into industry.

“The new facilities will assist GOTAFE to educate both students and industry,” Mr Hall said.

"The hothouse reflects trends in the protective cropping industries, which means we can better cater education to industry needs."

Rob Hall, Coordinator Land at GOTAFE

There are thousands of acres of crops under glass across NE Victoria, and Mr Hall is excited by the opportunities the new hothouse provides GOTAFE students and industry across the region.

“We have a huge opportunity to look at bush foods and to provide first nations people with access to technology and growing methods to help maintain their cultural practices,” he said.

Travis Heeney Chief Executive, GOTAFE said that with an increased appetite for courses in horticulture, it is important our facilities can keep up with the demand and provide essential experience.

“We know that our region’s horticulture production is a driving force in the Victorian industry - this is why up-to-date facilities are so important to provide critical skills and training to our next generation of farmers,” Mr Heeney said.

The site is located at GOTAFE’s William Orr Campus on Wanganui Rd in Shepparton North, and is expected to be available for use in the coming months.

This project was made possible through the Regional and Specialist Training Fund (RSTF).

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