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GOTAFE’s Wangaratta Café Rewarding Sustainability

New sustainability loyalty card program for those who bring their own reusable cups for coffee.

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GOTAFE is doing their bit to encourage positive environmental change, with the GOTAFE Wangaratta Café offering a new sustainability loyalty card program for those who bring their own reusable cups for coffee.

The program rewards seven sustainable purchases at the café with a free coffee, meaning if you buy seven coffees from the café in a reusable cup, you’ll receive the eighth coffee free.

For those who forget to bring their reusable cups, the Wangaratta Café also has a collection of mugs available from their Mug Library which customers can borrow as part of the sustainability program.

Wangaratta Café supervisor, Eric Bittner
"The initiative is rewarding people’s loyalty toward the environment and we are encouraging people to change their behavior."

Wangaratta Café supervisor, Eric Bittner

“It costs us to use a single-use takeaway cup, and even though it’s biodegradable and compostable, we know it doesn’t always end up in the green waste bin. The savings we make through not using the biodegradable cups is rewarded back to the customer with their eighth free coffee.”

The sustainability card initiative is not just for coffees. Customers can also drop off their re-usable container at the café for food, which will also contribute toward the loyalty program for free coffee.

Eric said, “For example, a customer can drop a reusable container to us in the morning or before they go to class and say they’d like the Asian Chicken Noodle Salad. We then prepare the meal for the customer and put it in their container for them to collect for lunch and we will sign their sustainability loyalty card for them.”

The GOTAFE Wangaratta Café is located at the Docker Street campus, 27 Docker Street, Wangaratta, and is available for all members of the public to enjoy.