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GOTAFE Launches Social Justice Charter Implementation Plan

To coincide with International Human Rights Day, GOTAFE has launched its Social Justice Charter Implementation Plan. . The plan focuses on organisational-wide social justice directives to support our diverse staff, students and community.

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Post date: 15th December 2022

GOTAFE was one of the first TAFE Institutions in Australia to commit to a Social Justice Charter. Since the Charter was implemented a year ago, GOTAFE has developed gender affirmation supports, provided training to educate staff and students on LGBTIQ+, cultural, disability and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander matters, and partnered with leading providers to improve inclusivity across GOTAFE, including making the recruitment process more accessible for all.

GOTAFE has also developed a range of support systems to ensure students have the resources they need to succeed, including learning supports, student life teams, wellbeing services, scholarships and improving the accessibility of all our campuses, as well as our online resources with tools like ReciteMe.

In addition, as part of the TAFE Specialist Employment Partnership, GOTAFE offers students with disability access to a specialised recruitment consultant to help achieve their career goals.

This year also saw the launch of the volunteer tutor scheme, which helps refugees and asylum seekers enrolled at GOTAFE quickly settle into Australian life, by connecting them with community members who taught them vital speaking skills, along with reading, and writing skills, and the confidence to embrace living in our community.

"We’ve implemented a number of tangible systems to provide equal opportunities for all our staff and students. We look forward to further expanding on the work we’ve done so far with the launch of our Social Justice Charter Implementation Plan. At GOTAFE, we are more than just an educational facility, we are a place where people from all backgrounds and abilities feel safe and included; where people feel like they belong."

Hannah Turnbull, GOTAFE Executive Director of Attraction and Engagement

One of the major milestones GOTAFE has achieved over the last year is establishing the Student Representative Council. The council is made up of five students from different study areas, and representing diverse student groups, who advocate on behalf of the student population, to better understand the needs of our students.

GOTAFE Student Representative Council Member Sharron Hey was inspired to pursue a career in Nursing after a 32-year career in the Army.

"I want to create opportunities for students to vocalise their needs and expectations of GOTAFE while they’re learning here. It’s important all students feel they are being heard"

Sharron Hey, GOTAFE Student Representative Council Member

Sakeena moved from Afghanistan to Shepparton in 2021 and was inspired to join GOTAFE’s Student Representative Council.

“I believe I can be a voice not only for my people, but for all immigrants,” she said. Sakeena is currently studying English Language at GOTAFE and aspires to pursue a career in law.

Read the Social Justice Charter Implementation Plan here
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