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GOTAFE calls for Education First Youth Foyer in Wangaratta

GOTAFE is dedicated to equality, encouraging diversity, and providing high-quality education to all people. We see our role as more than just education.

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Post date: 7th December 2021

GOTAFE is working to give young people, at risk of homelessness, a new home and support to complete studies. Located next to the Docker Street Campus in Wangaratta the Education First Youth Foyer will support young people sleeping rough or experiencing homelessness.

Youth homelessness is one of the biggest problems facing the region and it can have life-long impacts.

GOTAFE have continued to consult with the community on the proposed Wangaratta Education First Youth Foyer project, and briefed community stakeholders today.

“An Education First Youth Foyer located at Wangaratta GOTAFE Docker Street Campus would help reduce youth homelessness and social exclusion among young Victorians in the region, provide stability and integrated support and mainstream opportunities to enable these young people to reach their potential, and help build stronger communities across the Ovens Murray region, said Travis Heeney CEO, GOTAFE.

At its core, the Education First Youth Foyer model is based on the principle that educational attainment is key to providing a pathway out of disadvantage for young people, and stable housing is a means of ensuring young people are able to commit fully to their education, complete their studies and go onto secure work.”

The impact of youth foyers on the level of educational attainment and resulting employment and earnings outcomes represents a benefit to individuals and Government in the form of reduced expenditure on unemployment benefits, housing support and health care.

Additionally, the project supports the Ovens Murray Regional Partnership and the Regional Jobs and Infrastructure Fund. Infrastructure Victoria recommends the funding of more EFY Foyers in regional Victoria, including Wangaratta, to support vulnerable young people.

GOTAFE is bringing together local community organisations, local government representatives and local businesses to share progress and gain first-hand feedback and insights on proposed next steps and opportunities to help deliver the facilities and resources Wangaratta needs.