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Five Reasons Why Attending Your Graduation Ceremony Matters

From celebrating your achievements to wearing the fancy gown - there are so many reasons to attend your graduation.

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Are you graduating from GOTAFE this year? Congratulations! This is such a big deal. You’ve almost reached the finish line and your future is right around the corner. But what about your graduation ceremony?

Besides the obvious, (hello, you get your certificate!), there are several other reasons why you should go to your graduation ceremony. Sometimes it really is necessary to take the time to celebrate and appreciate an important moment in your life by creating memories that you look back on again and again.

Here are five reasons why donning the gown is the most epic milestone of them all!

1. A chance to celebrate your achievement

Studying for a qualification is not for the faint of heart. It can be challenging, stressful and demanding. Tally up all those early mornings rushing to get to class on time, or the late nights hitting the books before a test. We know it was tough at times, but this is the moment to look back on it and realise it was worth all the work. This is the time to pat yourself on the back and be proud of what you’ve achieved.

GOTAFE Graduates in front of balloons

2. Friends and family get to celebrate you too!

This isn’t just a day for you to feel proud of yourself, it’s a day for your friends and family to be proud of you too. They have seen your journey and know how much hard work has gone into your achievements. Maybe they’ve sacrificed something to help make this happen for you – so this is their day too. Put on a gown, get up on stage and receive your certificate and watch your loved ones beam from ear to ear.

Friend taking photo of graduates with iPhone

3. It’s a chance to see your BFFs

Graduation is a moment dedicated to celebrating with the people who have been on this journey with you. It’s a sad thought but soon your classmates will move onto new things. You’ll promise to stay in touch but there’ll be new jobs, new study paths and new journeys in your lives. Take the time to share this with them; reminisce and wish each other luck for the future.

Group of graduates

4. Graduation is a landmark event

This is your segue into the real world. Your graduation ceremony will become a key part of your own timeline; a symbol of change, of progression and of moving onto new adventures. Take a moment to celebrate what you’ve achieved so far and appreciate the memories that this part of your education has given you. Be in the moment – it’ll end up in your mental highlight reel. You may even look back and retell the story of your graduation one day!

Tim Campbell and student at podium

5. It’s the start of the next chapter

The qualification you’ve achieved isn’t just a piece of paper – it’s proof that you know how to do the work and see things through to the end. This is great when it comes to stepping into your career. Whether you’re working your way up the corporate ladder or into the family business, that little piece of paper is proof that you have what it takes.

GOTAFE graduation stage

Don’t pass on your graduation ceremony, it’s a day you’ll remember forever and we’re all excited to see what the future holds for each and every GOTAFE Graduate.

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