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GOTAFE facilitates industry engagement events to improve regional economic outcomes

Following the success of last year’s virtual Community Connector Lunches, GOTAFE recently hosted a series of industry engagement events in Shepparton, Wallan and Wangaratta, focusing on the unique challenges and needs of each community in relation to education delivery and development.

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Post date: 8th August 2022

The invitation-only Community Connector Lunches involved a panel discussion and workshop to address the region’s post-COVID workforce needs and understand the value of education in shaping the future of our region.

GOTAFE Board Members, CEO Travis Heeney, Executive Directors and Directors were joined by over 85 representatives at the events. Stakeholders from key industries including agriculture, manufacturing, trades, health, education providers and employment services were in attendance, along with local government representatives and politicians including Dr Helen Haines, Member for Indi, and Rob Mitchell, Member for McEwen.

Key themes and issues were raised at all three events, such as upskilling the local workforce, providing education and employment support to emerging industries, and improving access to housing and family support services like daycare. Reducing barriers for regional people to re-enter the workforce, and to grow opportunities for young people and women were also discussed at length.

"The Community Connector Lunches encouraged frank, open and constructive conversations between valued members of the community and major employers in the North-East region."

Hannah Turnbull, GOTAFE Executive Director of Strategy and Governance

“We look forward to keeping conversations and collaboration going and continuing to address the challenges and the opportunities of our region.”

“The discussions will also inform GOTAFE’s future strategic directions and priorities across all our campuses,” she added.

Bobbi McKibbin, Business & Community Engagement Manager at Solar Integrity was one of the panel members at the Wangaratta event last week.

Bobbi said, “It is fantastic that we can start having these key strategic conversations. Collaboration between education, industry and government will help us solve the issues that we are all facing around not only skills shortages but current and future emerging opportunities for our region. I welcome more of these kinds of events.”

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Bobbi Mc Kibbin at Industry Engagement Events 2022