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Note: This event has already occurred.

Online Zoom Webinar

Welcome to the first ever virtual GOTAFE Health Conference!

Join a jam-packed day of online events covering information across several health sectors as part of The GOTAFE Showcase

This year, GOTAFE is taking our Health Conference online for a unique virtual experience. We have an exciting program packed full of events and special guest speakers to get your blood pumping for a career in the health industry!

Our full program of events can be found below. The day will include sessions across several health sectors including occupational therapy, psychology, sports science, nursing, aged care, community services and much more. There will be guest industry speakers from various areas, as well as Q&A information sessions and interactive events.

Check out the full downloadable program here.

Register through the link above to secure your place! You will be sent further information including how to access the conference before the day begins.

Note: You must register to be able to attend this session.

This event is being run as part of The GOTAFE Showcase, our virtual open week brought to you in the comfort of your home!

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Health Conference schedule of events

Join GOTAFE CEO, Travis Heeney as he welcomes you to the GOTAFE Health Conference.

Following Travis' welcome, you will hear from guest speaker Paula Rashio from the Resilience Group. Paula will speak to building resilience, overcoming adversity and general wellbeing.

Take a break and re-energise for the afternoon's sessions.

Choose ONE of the below information sessions to attend.

SESSION ONE: "OT in the NT" with Occupational Therapist, Simone Shannon

When the closing paragraph in a job description stated "must be willing to travel by 4WD and light aircraft" Simone's interest was piqued. Join this photographic presentation to hear about Simone's experiences as an Occupational Therapist in Alice Springs, Arnhem Land, Elcho Island and finally on Groote Eylandt with the Anindilyakwa people, working with the MJD Foundation - a charity supporting Aboriginal Australians with the debilitating genetic condition Machado Joseph Disease.

SESSION TWO: Mindset and Performance - a chat with registered excercise scientist Dr Richard Mallows

It is universally accepted that a positive mindset, promotes behaviour that leads to higher levels of achievement, such as the enthusiastic embrace of challenges and resilience to obstacles. These obstacles could be either within work sport or normal living contexts.

In this presentation Richard will overview the principles of Positive Psychology, namely Gratefulness, Mindfulness and Empathy, its effect on mindset and how such principles can be integrated into daily life looking at documented examples. Physiological parameters that may account for improved performance will also be discussed

SESSION THREE: Really Mindful - with Fiona Hepburn & Vanessa Caro

Fiona and Vanessa are both very passionate about assisting people to be the best version of themselves with or without a mental health diagnosis. In the modern era there are a myriad of issues contributing to an increase of discourse surrounding our mental health and the role in plays in wellness.

This workshop explores the link between good mental health and strategies of mindfulness, meditation, compassion, happiness and gratitude. Research supporting the positive impact of incorporating these activities into our daily lives is extensive. We will seek to provide a summary of the Why? What? When? and How? into a practical and inspiring interactive experience.

SESSION FOUR: Community Services Panel Discussion

This session will be split up into two parts: A Day in the Life of a Child Protection Practitioner, and Goal Setting & Self Care Interactive Session.

A Day in the Life of a Child Protection Practitioner

Every day is different! If you like challenges, you are culturally sensitive, passionate, resilient and have the compassion to support children, young people, their families and their extended families that experience varied and challenging situations in life, then you have got the drive to make these changes and experience this highly rewarding role!

GOTAFE can guide you on how you can achieve this and be the person who can make a difference in a child, young person and their families lives!

Goal Setting & Self Care Interactive Session

Join Luke for an interactive session combining two key principles in the community sector. Goal Setting & Self-Care. The session will delve into the challenges of goal setting, how to develop effective goals and how to follow through with them. We will also discuss self-care and how you can not only contribute to positive care strategies for yourself but also that of clients in the community services space. Luke has held practitioner, team leader, coordinator and manager roles in community, mental health, disability and relationship services; and is available to answer any questions you have about a future career in the sector.

SESSION FIVE: ECEC / Ed Support Information Session: Panel Discussion

Join us for a panel discussion about the early childhood and education support sectors, featuring:

  • Erin Tracey – Director of Knight Street Multi-Age Learning
  • Bec Wayman – Past GOTAFE Student
  • Angie Spiewak – Greater Shepparton Family Daycare Coordinator
  • Verney Road School Rep

SESSION SIX: Nursing and Aged Care Information Session: Panel Discussion

Join us for a panel discussion about the nursing and aged care sector, featuring:

  • Sheree Sheridan and Gabby Bush from Aged Care
  • GOTAFE Nursing and Aged Care Coordinator, Emma Williamson
  • Alison Nolan - Careers, Leaning & Development
  • Mikayla Foster
  • AHA Rep
  • Jennifer Gilham

Sheree commenced her career at Lutheran Aged Care as a PCA, then completed her Enrolled Nursing, worked for many years as facility manager of Dellacourt (part of Lutheran Aged Care) and whilst in that busy role, completed her Bachelor of Nursing.

Choose ONE of the below information sessions to attend.

SESSION ONE: Syndaver tour/ Sectra table

An interesting insight into the synthetic cadaver and how this amazing piece of equipment is used in training Health Professionals, hosted by GOTAFE Trainer Lou Kindon.

SESSION TWO: Mind Map - Interactive Workshop with Exercise Scientist Lisa Purcell

Are you healthy? Want to explore how you would tell if someone is healthy or not? This interactive session aims to measure different aspects of your health and wellbeing. Leave feeling refreshed with your unique health map to direct you on your journey and improve your health into the future.

SESSION THREE: Physical Health and Fitness - Interactive Session with GOTAFE Sport & Recreation Trainer Brenton Pool

To assist with your physical health and fitness levels, this session will explore some simple exercises that can be completed in the comforts of your home. You will learn how to incorporate physical activity into your daily household routine and rediscover the enjoyment of exercise. This session will be facilitated by GOTAFE Sport, Fitness and Recreation Trainer Brenton Pool who will combine his knowledge as a Strength and Conditioning Coach to further develop his reputation as an entertaining educator.

SESSION FOUR: GV Health Crash Scene - with Ms. Cathy Scott, GV Health Director of Nursing & Midwifery Education

A multi-disciplinary crash scene simulation to understand how every role plays a part in the health industry.

SESSION FIVE: Response to COVID-19 Outbreak – with Jo Breen from Shepparton Retirement Villages

Join Jo Breen from Shepparton Retirement Villages for an interesting and topical discussion about infection control management of the COVID-19 crisis in Aged Care Facilities.

SESSION SIX: ECEC & Education Support Information Presentation

Always wanted to gain an insight into the mind of a 5-year-old? Now's your chance! Join this presentation to learn all about the development of the young mind and how important the role of Early Childhood Education is as children grow into adults. Plus, we will have a virtual tour of a Day Care facility to give you an idea of what a day in the life of an Early Childhood Educator involves and how what you learn on the course is put into practice.

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