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Hospitality & Baking Short Courses

Learn the industry skills you need to succeed in a fast-paced Hospitality environment

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Skills to take you where you want to go

Get ahead in your Hospitality career with a core industry skills from one of our short courses. Learn how to make the perfect coffee, get your RSA, and or get trained in the fundamentals of food safety. Whatever skills you need, we have a course to suit.

Short Courses

Upskill quickly with our Hospitality & Baking short courses. Learn the skills you need to succeed at work, and advance your career in the Hospitality industry.

Food Handling (SITSS00050)

This skill set equips individuals for work in food handling to ensure food safety.

Food Safety Supervision (SITSS00051)

This skill set equips individuals in hygienic practices and handling food safely during the storage, preparation, display, service and disposal of food.

Introduction to espresso coffee course (SCCOFINT22)

Introductory course for those wanting to work in a Café or have purchased a home espresso machine.

Latte Art Course (SCLATART22)

Quick short course on the various styles and techniques to present a delightful caffeinated aesthetic to your customers

Responsible Service of Alcohol (SITSS00055)

The Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) is the required qualification to serve alcohol at any licensed venue in Victoria.

Join a growing industry

As foodie culture takes off and restaurants and cafes become Insta-famous, the hospitality industry continues to grow. Jobs in this industry are predicted to rise by over 12% over the next five years—leading to over 90,000 new jobs. Get the skills you need to land a role in hospitality and kickstart your career.