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General Education

Whether you left school early, or have been out of study for a while, our General Education courses will give you a fresh start at your education.

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Don't let anything hold you back from studying.

Focus on improving your skills in a supportive and welcoming environment. Our trainers will help you learn the skills you need for everyday life, and let you choose subjects that suit your interests and strengths. From reading, writing, and maths, all the way through to computers, research and public speaking, we can help you gain the skills you need to get ahead in life.


Improve core skills in reading, writing, numeracy and computer literacy to gain confidence and competence to continue on to further study at GOTAFE and/or employment.

Victorian Certificate of Education VOCATIONAL MAJOR (VCE-VM) (VCE0000001)

Pursue your strengths and interests, and develop the skills and capabilities needed to succeed in further education, work and life.

Certificate I in Developing Independence (22333VIC)

This course is designed for young people who are homeless or living in community housing. Learn the skills you need to bring stability to your life and achieve independence.

Certificate I in General Education for Adults (22472VIC)

Learn foundation literacy and numeracy skills with the Certificate I in General Education for Adults from GOTAFE.

Certificate I in General Education for Adults (Introductory) (22476VIC)

Students have the opportunity to improve their english literacy and numeracy skills with the Certificate I in General Education (Introductory).

Certificate II in General Education for Adults (22473VIC)

The Certificate II in General Education for Adults supports students wanting to undertake further study through TAFE or university.

"Many students who attend the General Education for Adults course begin with low self-esteem and little confidence in their academic abilities and social skills. It is so rewarding to witness their confidence and self-worth improve as their skills develop, and how this new found courage then empowers them to take the next steps in their life’s adventure."

GOTAFE Trainer and Assessor, Learning Skills Unit, Karen van de Sande

Why study with GOTAFE?

Training that sets you up for success

Our general education courses focus on developing practical skills. Learn employability skills and improve your literacy and numeracy skills to increase your job and further study opportunities, community involvement and your own satisfaction.

Small class sizes mean you get the attention you need. We group our students according to similar needs which gives you the chance to meet others, share challenges, ask questions and support each other.

A world of opportunity

Whether you choose to stay local, or take your career elsewhere, you'll have the skills to take you where you want to go. Our Trainers have strong industry networks, meaning employers often approach them to recommend students for job openings.

Skills for Education and Employment (SEE) Program

The SEE (Skills for Education and Employment) program supports job seeker groups with literacy and numeracy training needs including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, youth, people with disabilities, mature aged people, and job seekers from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. The Skills for Education and Employment (SEE) program is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education and Training.

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VCAL is a hands-on, practical alternative qualification to VCE (Year 11 and 12). As a VCAL student, you'll take courses in the industries and subjects that interest you, while strengthening your literacy and numeracy skills to help you succeed in the workforce.