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Compassionate Grants for Students

At GOTAFE we understand that students can sometimes experience serious financial and personal difficulties whilst studying, due to Extraordinary or Exceptional Life Circumstances beyond their control. Examples of such circumstances include a serious illness or injury, the bereavement of a significant other or a psychological impairment which may cause a student to withdraw from their course or to be in severe financial hardship.

Compassionate Grants are available for students who are experiencing such hardships and can be used for:

  • a course tuition fee transfer to an alternative study period (course deferral)
  • a partial or full fee waiver or refund, as a result of withdrawing from an enrolled unit or course outside of the four week withdrawal period
  • a partial or full fee waiver or refund due to severe financial hardship caused by Extraordinary or Exceptional Life Circumstances for units or courses completed (please see our FAQs below for definitions of these circumstances)

Application Process

  1. Complete the Application for Compassionate Grant form.
  2. Make an appointment to see either a Student Experience or Student Success Advisor, who will go through the application with you to determine whether you have provided enough evidence for the application to be lodged.
  3. If the application is incomplete, you will have two weeks to provide additional information.
  4. You will receive a letter to confirm your application has been submitted.
  5. A panel will then review your application and you will receive an answer within three months.

Each personal circumstance will be considered on a case-by-case basis and all information provided remains confidential.

Please note that applicants who supply incorrect or false information will have their application declined. Any student whose application is declined will be advised of their right to appeal the decision.

Flowchart to explain the Application Process

Application Form

An unforeseen event/s taking place which may cause disruption to a student and impact on their ability to complete their study/course and/or assessments.

Critical personal circumstances relating to a student’s health and/or personal life which may seriously impact on the student’s final result in a unit/course.

These circumstances must be viewed as having either a significant effect on the student’s performance in an assessment, or a serious impact on the student’s ability to attend class or attend and complete and submit an assessment on time.

Failing to pass or complete a pre-requisite course in a program is not normally acceptable grounds for a Compassionate Grant.

A refund is the reimbursement to you of monies already paid. A waiver is the removal of your obligation to pay the fees still outstanding on your account.

Once you have completed your appeal form, please submit it, along with your original Compassionate Grant Application, to the Student Experience Advisor or Student Success Advisor, who will forward your appeal to the CEO for consideration.

All applications will be processed within three (3) months of their submission to the Advisor.

The Advisor will contact Finance once you have submitted your Compassionate Grant Application and arrange for your account to be put on hold until you receive an outcome. You will not be referred to a debt collector during this time.

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