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Online Service Standards

GOTAFE offers a range of courses that are delivered as a blend of classes and online learning.

GOTAFE is committed to providing a quality learning experience for students studying online. These online service standards explain our commitment to students in key areas.


GOTAFE will provide the following support to students studying any aspect of their course online:


  • Will be available for queries about learning and assessment by phone and email for the duration of the course/unit. Your course coordinator and teachers will advise you their contact details and best times and days for contact.
  • Will reply to queries within three (3) working days, and assessment tasks will be returned with feedback within ten (10) working days.

Administrative Support

  • Will be available for queries by phone (1300 468 233) and email Monday to Thursday between 8.00am and 6.00pm, and Fridays between 8.00am and 5.00pm.
  • Will reply to email queries within 24 hours.

IT Support for Technical Queries

  • Will be available for queries by email Monday to Friday.
  • Will reply to queries within 2 working days.
  • Instructions and guides for printing, photocopying, student email, office 365 are provided during student induction and online.
  • Instructions for WiFi and BYOD, including laptops (windows and mac), tablets and smart phones (android and iOS) are available on the GOTAFE website.
  • Instructions and video guides for accessing, navigating and using goLearn – Moodle online virtual campus are provided at student induction and online.

Learning Management Systems (LMS) Support

  • eSupport student guides and video instructions are provided for goLearn – Moodle LMS Students learning through Webtrain LMS can lodge support requests within Webtrain.
  • Your trainer can provide support, and also seek technical and digital learning assistance on your behalf.

Support Services

  • Student welfare and counselling services are available by appointment between 9:00am and 5:00pm Monday to Friday on campus or by telephone (1300 468 233). GOTAFE will work with local providers for distance learners where appropriate.
  • Online tutoring services are available through Your Tutor, accessed via goLearn – Moodle, with live tutoring support available from 3pm to 12pm Sunday to Friday.

Library Services

  • Centralised online support for library services is available between 8:30am and 5:00pm Monday to Friday, at the Shepparton Fryers St Campus. Exceptions to these hours will be published on library website. Responses will be provided to library questions at point of contact, or via reply to contact details provided within 24 hours Monday to Friday
  • The online library is available anytime at
  • Contact details & associated partnership library details can be found on the links above.

GOTAFE conducts a comprehensive Pre-Training Review for all prospective students to determine whether a course is suitable and appropriate for their individual needs. As part of the Pre-Training Review, we ask you to read the information about online components and requirements of your course (if any) in the Course Information Form (FLA-49); and consider whether you have concerns about your access to computers, internet, or your computer and digital literacy skills.

Hardware and Software Requirements

GOTAFE uses learning management systems (LMS) for online course delivery and provides a comprehensive suite of eLearning Technologies to support teaching and learning. These technologies are browser based, and available anywhere anytime via the internet, both on and off campus. Some courses also use eBooks, ePortfolio, Polycom videoconferencing, Zoom (live classroom) Skype, and secure social media platforms.

The following are the minimum information technology requirements to enable optimal access to the LMS:

Hardware Recommendations

GOTAFE’s eLearning Technologies are chosen to ensure access across a wide range of hardware, Operating Systems, browsers and devices, including smart phones and tablet PCs. This includes (but is not limited to), Windows PC’s and laptops, Mac PC’s and laptops, Tablet PC’s (iOS and Android) and smartphones (iOS and Android)

As GOTAFE’s eLearning Technologies are all accessible through a browser, they require minimal hardware. You will need access to the internet and a Personal Computer (PC) or laptop, tablet PC or smart device with the ability to view and hear video-recordings. The recommended operating system requirements depend upon your computer or device, for example: 1.4 GHZ processor and 2GB RAM.

Some courses may require you to create and upload photographs or videos, so you will need a digital camera or device. Some courses may require you to participate in webinars so you will need a webcam and headset with microphone.

Internet Connection Speed

Use a broadband connection (256Kbit/sec or faster, however 1.2Mb/sec is recommended for optimal viewing of Zoom webinar presentations) through USB wireless modem, ADSL T1/T2, fibre optic or cable. Dial up internet is not recommended as the quality of your learning experience may not be optimal

Minimum Software Recommendations:


We recommend the latest version of your preferred browser, although the online learning materials can be accessed through most browser versions. Recommendations are:

  • Google Chrome 30.0+
  • Mozilla Firefox 25.0+
  • Apple Safari 6+
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9+ / Microsoft Edge (for Windows 10)

Recommended browser settings:

  • JavaScript enabled
  • Cookies enabled
  • Popups enabled


  • Adobe PDF reader

In addition to the above, some Units/Courses may require:

  • Microsoft Office suite (Word, PowerPoint, Excel)
  • Zoom application (Mobile or Desktop)
  • Polycom application (Mobile or desktop) for video-conference classes
  • Skype application
  • Flash browser plugin
  • goLearn – Moodle mobile application
  • Mahara mobile application

GOTAFE ensures that learning materials used in online training complement other delivery materials to cover all aspects of the units of competency. The online learning materials are interactive and are presented in a variety of formats, for example:

  • Guided content through eBooks and eLessons
  • Graphics, Video and Audio
  • Interaction through discussion forums and webinars
  • Interactive learning activities and quizzes.

GOTAFE ensures online materials meet the principles of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines WCAG2.0, and offers text to audio software options


GOTAFE aims to provide an online learning experience that is engaging and interactive. We will monitor your participation as you progress through your course.

Collaborative learning opportunities will be provided so that you can interact with peers, during campus classes and/or through online discussion forums, chats and webinars.

Ongoing feedback will be provided as you study via:

  • Email, telephone and direct interactions with trainers/ assessors and/or in informal online discussion forums or webinars
  • In response to individual queries and tasks you complete, and within 10 days of assessment submissions.

We will contact students who have not logged on or continued to participate in learning activities after a period of two (2) months. If your course is in the goLearn – Moodle LMS, you can view the progress bar to show your progress in the online components of your course, and this allows teachers to quickly identify potential students at risk, and to offer proactive support.

Repeated unsuccessful attempts to contact students who have ceased participating in learning activities may result in withdrawal from the course.


A minimum of two forms of assessment will be used for each unit of competency.

Online assignments include marking rubrics and grading forms in combination with online annotation of student work and feedback. Other forms of assessment can include, but are not limited to:

  • Knowledge questions
  • Assignments
  • Case studies
  • Projects
  • Portfolios
  • Demonstration of practical skills.

Where students are asked to demonstrate competency in practical skills, video or annotated photographs may be used.


All trainers and assessors delivering online courses at GOTAFE undertake professional development in online delivery, which includes:

  • Formal online training
  • Participation in discussions and forums, meeting and sharing ideas for improvement.