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VETiS 2017 Student Handbook & Induction Guide

Click on image to download the VET in Schools (VETiS) 2017 Student Handbook & Induction Guide for everything you need to know.


GOTAFE Campuses in Shepparton, Wangaratta, Seymour and Benalla offer VET in Schools (VETiS) programs. We accept enrolments from students aged 15-19, wanting to undertake Vocational Education and Training (VET) as part of their senior secondary school certificates (VCE and VCAL). Students attend classes one day per week. Courses like Animal Studies and Equine have a large component of on-line learning which can be undertaken off campus with selected days of practical activities which are held at the Wangaratta Regional Study Centre.

Some courses will provide full completion of the certificate whereas some will only provide partial completion. Some courses will also contribute towards a student’s ATAR. Please check the information for each course regarding partial or full completion of the qualification and the ATAR contribution. A ready reckoner is available on page three of the course guide for easy reference.

GOTAFE VETiS programs accept enrolments from:

  • Secondary school students
  • GOTAFE students
  • Students from non-school settings (eg Adult Community & Education Centres)

School students

School students will attend one day a week at the relevant GOTAFE campus while continuing at school. As a part-time student you stay enrolled at your home school and combine your chosen VET training with your Year 10, 11 or 12 VCE or VCAL course.

GOTAFE students

Students enrolling in GOTAFE VCAL (Victoria Certificate of Applied Learning) can combine a VET course into their VCAL program. They will attend one day a week for their VET course at the relevant campus.

Students from non school settings

Students enrolling in non-school setting can combine VET training for one day a week at the relevant campus with programs offered by their provider.

School students

Secondary school students wishing to participate in a GOTAFE VET course should complete the normal course selection process with their school. Upon completion of your school course selection the school will forward this information to GOTAFE and you will be contacted to attend an information session. All course referrals must be endorsed by the school.

GOTAFE students

GOTAFE students wishing to undertake a VET course should notify their VCAL Co-ordinator. Upon receipt of your expression of interest from the Co-ordinator you will be contacted to attend an information session by GOTAFE VETiS staff.

Students from non-school settings

Students undertaking their education in non-school settings should discuss their proposed program with their educational provider. Students should then contact the GOTAFE VETiS staff on 1300 468 233.

School students

If enrolling in a VET course at GOTAFE through your school, GOTAFE will charge your school directly for tuition and materials. Each secondary school then determines the amount they will pass onto families. Your school may ask you to pay a portion or all the fees up front to secure your position in the VETiS program. Most government schools ask families to pay the material charges for VET courses. Private schools can determine their own fee structure.

GOTAFE students

If you are enrolling directly with GOTAFE you are responsible for paying the tuition and materials fees upon enrolment. Information about the fees and charges is available on the GOTAFE website under “Fees and Charges” in the “Courses” menu. Fees are determined individually as they are impacted by eligibility for government funding.

Students from non-school settings undertaking VCAL or VCE

Students enrolling from non-school setting enrol directly with GOTAFE and are responsible for paying fees upon enrolment. Information about the fees and charges is available on the GOTAFE website under “Fees and Charges” in the “Courses” menu. Fees are determined individually as they are impacted by eligibility for government funding.

GOTAFE VET courses are delivered at a variety of locations including:


  • Fryers St Campus: 152-200 Fryers St, Shepparton
  • William Orr Campus: Wanganui Rd, Shepparton
  • GV Health, Graham St, Shepparton
  • Cobram District Hospital, Broadway St, Cobram


  • Docker Street Campus: Docker St, Wangaratta
  • Regional Study Centre: Tone Rd, Wangaratta
  • Northeast Health, 35-47 Green St, Wangaratta


  • Seymour Campus: Wallis St, Seymour
  • The Northern Hospital, Cooper St, Epping
  • Plenty Valley Community Care, Epping


  • Benalla Health 45-53 Coster St, Benalla
  • Cooinda Village, 1-35 Kilfeera Rd, Benalla

Course delivery location will be confirmed at your interview. Shepparton Transit currently has a regular bus service between William Orr, Fryers St and GV Health.

Students are responsible for their own transport to and from the relevant campuses.

All students are required to complete an induction prior to commencing their course. This advises students of their rights and responsibilities whilst attending the GOTAFE VET courses. Induction must be completed prior to course commencement.


Any student who withdraws after being referred by their Secondary school must do so via an official GOTAFE withdrawal form. The form must be sent to GOTAFE by the students Secondary school. No other notification will be accepted.

For further information contact 1300 GOTAFE (1300 468 233)



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