Electricians can work in all industries, homes, and businesses large and small. Your skills are in demand, because without power, everything stops. Be the one with the know how to get people and business working again.

We also offer Test and Tag, so you can rest easy that your portable electrical appliances and power boards are safe to use. For small business or non-profits, this course will give you the tick you need to resell your products.

At GOTAFE we have a proud tradition of producing successful apprentices. We offer courses in Electrotechnology and Air Conditioning/ Refrigeration. Our apprenticeship focused courses set people up for careers as valued members of staff and future business owners. Let us help you.

We have world class facilities and trainers who are industry experts and business owners. We customise our courses to your business needs. We train apprentices in campuses across north-eastern victoria, and on the job to reduce down time for you. We come to your workplace to discuss what you need. We make sure you get the benefits of a job ready apprentice with the skills to make a difference in your business.

Everyone works better and enjoys life more when they’re comfortable, and this course shows you how. It’s a great way to enhance your plumbing career or start your way to an electrical trade. Study the Certificate II Split Air-Conditioning and Heat Pump Systems. Learn to service, repair and maintain heating and cooling equipment. Commercial refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump plant and equipment.

Our Trainers make sure you work hands on in projects appropriate to your experience and strengths. We have facilities on campus where you learn from the best, and we support you in the workplace.

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This qualification is part of the Free TAFE for Priority Courses Initiative, tuition fees will be waived for eligible students in 2019. Discover if you are eligible at www.gotafe.vic.edu.au/freetafe

The UEE22011 Certificate II in Electrotechnology (Career Start) is the recognised qualification as a pathway to an apprenticeship.
The UEE22011 is the standard Pre-apprenticeship course for students wishing to pursue a career as an Electrician, or in allied trades such as Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, Instrumentation and Line worker.
This qualification covers competencies for work entry programs providing grounding in safety and basic skills and knowledge for work in any Electrotechnology discipline.

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The UEE30811 is the current Apprenticeship course required to become a Licenced Electrician. This qualification provides competencies to select, install, set up, test, fault find, repair and maintain electrical systems and equipment in building and premises. It includes Electrical Regulatory Authorities Council requirements for an ‘Electrician’s licence’.

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Air-conditioning and refrigeration mechanics handle it all: installing, maintaining and repairing heating, cooling and refrigeration systems. Put simply, you’re in the business of making people happy and comfortable. At work and home.

Study the Certificate III in Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration at GOTAFE. Learn how to select components, install, test, repair and maintain systems and equipment. We’ll teach you in our state of the art facilities. Practice on real projects on campus and at work. We build confidence and maturity in our Apprentices, for work and life. If you’re an employer, we’ll customise training to give your apprentices skills your business needs.

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