Rather learn with your head buried under the bonnet of a car than in a textbook? Automotive is a great career choice. Whether you’re interested in retail, service, repair or motorsport, we have the right course.

You’ll be supported by teachers that have industry experience. We’ll guide you through the course to learn in our world class workshops. And we visit your workplace to help you apply your new skills at work.

The automotive industry crosses all business sectors. Even when people aren’t buying new cars, existing plant and machinery still needs maintenance and repair. Hard-working passionate people are always in demand in automotive. We’re the ones who can teach you the skills to be at the front of the queue. From pre-vocational, apprenticeships and beyond.

We work closely with employers to create training plans that fit in with the business when we train your apprentices. With seven different specialty areas to choose from, we’ve got you covered. From farming machinery to selling luxury cars. Our apprentices are supported and nurtured to make a difference to their employer. We focus on initiative, problem solving skills and working independently from the get-go.


Keep drivers cool and kickstart your career. The Certificate II in Automotive Air Conditioning Technology covers the field, and even leads to a National Air Conditioning Licence.

Work as a fully-qualified air conditioning mechanic. Use your specialist skills on all types of vehicles. You’ll be a sought after member of the team for workshops, dealerships and mobile mechanics across Australia. Work in commercial, retail or mining industry jobs.

Our industry-experienced Trainers focus on practical skills:

  • Air conditioning installation
  • Servicing and repairs
  • Cooling system inspections
  • Tool and equipment maintenance
  • Workplace safety
  • Customer service
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If you love cars and always wanted to get to grips with wiring, the Certificate II in Automotive Electrical Technology is the go-to course. It’s an in-demand field: electronics in vehicles grow more complex with each model.

But we don’t just teach you electrical install, service and repair. Our experts have many years of experience in the industry, so they’ll equip you to be a valued member of the team. Fine tune your problem solving skills to diagnose a problem and find a solution. Work safely in the workshop and learn to work on your own to get the job done.

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Always wanted to know how engines worked? Enjoyed taking them apart to learn what makes them go? The Certificate II in Automotive Servicing Technology equips you to follow that drive into a career as a Mechanic. You don’t need to leave school: our industry expert Trainers coach you while you study.

We’ll teach you about the automotive industry. You’ll get hands-on experience using tools and equipment for servicing and inspection of engines. Work with transmissions, cooling, fuel, steering, suspension and braking systems. Use the course as a springboard to an Apprenticeship in this high demand industry.

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Fascinated with all things mechanical? If you’re enrolled in a school-based apprenticeship in Automotive, the Certificate II in Automotive Vocational Preparation is the final piece in the puzzle.

Our trainers are mechanics and will visit you at school to help you learn in the workshop. You’ll learn the skills and knowledge you need to maintain and repair a vehicle body. Learn all about the mechanical and electrical parts of cars, heavy vehicles, outdoor power equipment, bicycles, marine craft and motorcycles.

Once you’re done, you’ll be in pole position for an ongoing apprenticeship in this high-demand industry.

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Take a smashed up Holden, and return it to mint condition. Get the best start to your career in automotive with the experts at GOTAFE by studying the Certificate II in Auto Body Repair Technology.

Panel beaters don’t just fix existing panel damage. You’ll learn paint removal and repairs and how to correctly use spray painting materials. Buffing, polishing and detailing prior to handing it back to the happy customer.

We’ll teach you to work safely with the tools and equipment of the trade. We make sure our trainees are employees in demand, who have the know how to work safely and independently.

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Starting out in automotive or learning new skills to turbocharge your career? Come to GOTAFE to learn and work right where you live. The Certificate II in Automotive Tyre Services Technology will teach you the skills you need to work independently and make a difference to your employer, or set out on your own.

Learn to fit and inspect tyres. We’ll teach you to work out what needs to be repaired or replaced. Repair tyres and tube, select tyres and rims, and balance tyres and wheels for maximum performance.

We’ll prepare you to fit tyres to:

  • Light vehicles
  • Heavy vehicles
  • Agricultural equipment
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Fascinated by all things electric? Want to know how the newest electronics work in our cars? If you have an eye for detail and great problem solving skills, the Certificate III in Automotive Electrical Technology is for you. You’ll spend your time under the bonnet, solving problems.

Learn using the latest technology. Install, maintain, diagnose faults and repair wiring and computer-based equipment. Practice on cars, trucks, trailers and agricultural machinery.

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Been given the job of managing the farm’s heavy machinery? Turn those skills into a career with the Certificate III in Agricultural Mechanical Technology apprenticeship. Use your natural ability for fixing and running the equipment and gain a qualification at the
same time. Ideal if you’d rather learn on-the-job in the outdoors than stuck in a classroom.
We’ll work with your employer to make sure you get all the support you need to learn about working safely.
Learn hands-on with real machinery.

You’ll learn about:

  • Electrical/electronic systems
  • Engine service and repair
  • Transmission
  • Clutches and braking systems
  • Diesel fuel systems
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When you think about ‘studying the classics’ do you think of a Holden Monaro and a GT Ford? Then start your career as a Motor Mechanic with the Certificate III in Light Mechanical Technology. Learn outside the classroom with your head under the bonnet of a car. We work with your employer to make sure you learn both at work and off the job. The Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology prepares new employees or recognises and develops existing workers performing mechanical work in the automotive light vehicle service and repair industry. Learn to repair and maintain cars and light vehicles or particular components of vehicles such as steering and suspension or cooling systems.

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Put your mechanical talents and love of the outdoors to use: work as a small-engine mechanic. Keep the farm power tools operating in top gear. You’ll benefit small and rural business in our community with an apprenticeship in Outdoor Power Equipment.

Work in your family business or a private workshop on lawn mowers, chainsaws, brush-cutters, pumps and more.

We’ll set up a training plan to make sure you learn what you need at work and on campus. Learn how to work with small engines, perform daily maintenance, and carry out safe refuelling and pre-start checks.

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If you love all things MotoGP, imagine getting paid to work with motorbikes all day. Become qualified with the Certificate III in Motorcycle Mechanical Technology at GOTAFE. Learn how to find faults, repair and service engines, clutch assemblies and fuel systems, drivelines, braking, steering and suspension. Learn safe work practices and how to use the tools for the job. The Certificate III in Motorcycle Mechanical Technology prepares new employees or recognises and develops existing workers performing mechanical work in the automotive motorcycle service and repair industry. This qualification covers the skills and knowledge required to perform a broad range of tasks on a variety of motorcycles within the automotive service and repair industry.

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If you love cars and have the ‘gift of the gab’, then a career in Automotive Sales is a fast-track to success. The Certificate III in Automotive Sales Apprenticeship focuses on listening to understand customer needs. Learn to build trust with customers and work colleagues and contribute to the exciting car dealership environment in retail, service or repair departments.

You’ll learn at work and have access to our industry experienced Trainers for support. We’ll teach you about teamwork, how to organise your work, and use business technology. You’ll learn the skills to answer customer questions to help get them over the line.

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This qualification covers the skills and knowledge required to perform a broad range of tasks on a variety of heavy commercial vehicles within the automotive service and repair sector.This qualification covers the skills and knowledge required to perform a broad range of tasks on a variety of heavy commercial vehicles within the automotive service and repair sector.

The Certificate III in Heavy Commercial Vehicle Mechanical Technology is intended to prepare new employees or recognise and develop existing workers performing mechanical work in the automotive heavy commercial vehicle service and repair sector.Employment outcomes targeted by this qualification include:? Heavy commercial vehicle technicians. Credit may be granted towards this qualification by those who have completed AUR20516 Certificate II in Automotive Servicing Technology, AUR20716 Certificate II in Automotive Vocational Preparation or other relevant qualifications.This qualification is suitable for an Australian Apprenticeship pathway.This course is also offered as an apprenticeship/ traineeship.

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Does work as a Diesel Fitter or Mobile Plant Technician spark your interest?

You’ll work on earthmoving and industrial equipment, learning how the various systems operate and how to maintain, test, diagnose, and repair those systems and components. And you mightn’t be working in the comfort of a workshop, you more often than not be working against the elements on a mining or construction site or out on the farm.

So if problem solving against the clock sounds like your kind of challenge, try Certificate III in Mobile Plant Technology.

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The Certificate III in Auto Body Repair Technology is the apprenticeship for rev-heads. If you like working with tools and doing a job well, then put your talents to work as a panel beater. Tackle auto repairs after accidents big and small. We’ll teach you how to rebuild a car or small truck, patch up panels or fit factory built components.

Learn on-the-job and in our on campus workshops. You’ll learn alignment, welding, and repair to return a smashed vehicle to as-new condition. We’ll also teach you about electronics so you understand the technology in new cars.

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Return a drivers’ pride and joy to a perfect finish. If you have an eye for detail and want to work with cars, come to GOTAFE. The Certificate III in Automotive Refinishing Technology is an apprenticeship for auto artists. Whether it’s an accident or faded from age, we’ll teach you how to make it like new.

We’ll customise a training plan to fit in with your employer’s business needs. Learn from the experts in your workplace and in our workshops. From colour matching, preparing the surface using the right tools, to completing the job with care and precision.

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Auto-mechanic diagnostic specialists are the private investigators of the auto industry. Immerse yourself in the engine or transmission, to pinpoint to and repair complex faults. Advance your career with the Certificate IV in Automotive Mechanical Diagnosis. Use your advanced problem solving skills and eye for detail to become the go-to diagnostic specialist in your industry.

We’ll develop your skills in servicing and repairing complex faults in petrol engines, engine management systems, transmission and driveline systems. Specialise in steering and suspension or braking systems.

Learn in our workshops or on real projects at work. Meet industry contacts and grow your local network.

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Want to be a master technician and work on performance vehicles? Ready to dive into the auto retail after-market, or high performance road car industry? Take your trade qualification further with the Certificate IV in Automotive Performance Enhancement at GOTAFE.

Our industry partners provide performance vehicles for our workshop-based learning. We’ll show you how to apply your skills to more complex problems. Work on performance engines and fuel injection systems. Analyse and repair complex performance driveline systems, and prepare and test motorsport vehicles. You’ll learn the know-how to get the most from your equipment and tools for each vehicle.

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For the seriously talented mechanic who gets to the bottom of what makes cars tick: dismantling, and repairing and fine-tuning. The Certificate IV in Auto Mechanical Overhaul is the qualification for you. You’ll learn the tricks and tools of master mechanics. Work in repair departments in an automotive retail, service or a repair team. In a dealership, private workshop – or go out on your own. Work on vehicles in our workshops provided by our industry partners and on-the-job with the support of your Trainers. You’ll learn advanced troubleshooting to diagnose dismantle and repair:

  • Engines
  • Transmissions
  • Suspension
  • Electrics
  • Brakes and cooling systems
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