Dairy manufacturing workforce webinars

Dairy Manufacturing

Upskilling of the Australian dairy manufacturing workforce is extremely important to ensure the industry remains competitive, sustainable and innovative. Educating the workforce can be challenging in Australia with dairy manufacturing sites located across vast rural and regional areas.

New communication technologies such as webinars offer exciting prospects for up-skilling the workforce with substantial savings in costs and time. Most importantly, staff can receive this training from global experts without stepping out of their factory. Alternatively they can view the webinar recording at their convenience.

Summary Information on Webinars

Since 2012, Dairy Australia has partnered with the National Centre for Dairy Education (NCDE), offering over 120 webinars using dairy manufacturing experts from around the world. 30-38 webinars are presented each year.

Typically, webinars include a 50-55 minute presentation followed by 5-10 minutes of question time.

Please email Jennifer Penfold jpenfold@gotafe.vic.edu.au to register for individual webinars or to purchase a six month season pass.


Extended Shelf Life (ESL) milk processing
Wednesday 6 September 2-3pm AEST
Hilton Deeth, Emeritus Professor, University of Queensland

Validation for dairy manufacturing companies
Thursday 14 September 2-3pm AEST
Deon Mahoney, Chief Scientist, Dairy Food Safety Victoria

Developing a true Australian cheese
Wednesday 20 September 2-3pm AEST
Andrea Pelati, Cheesemaker and Trainer, Italy

Yoghurt Starter cultures used for prevention of yeast and moulds for bioprotection and improved shelf life
Wednesday 27 September 3-4pm AEST
Tina Hornbaek (Senior Manager Dairy Bioprotection) and Anna Przewozna (Marketing Manager Dairy Bioprotection), Chr- Hansen, Denmark.

Dairy Situation and Outlook, 2017
Wednesday 4 October 2-3pm AEDT
John Droppert, Senior Analyst, Dairy Australia

Persister cells – bacteria that keep on giving
Wednesday 11 October 2-3pm AEDT
Steve Flint, Massey University, NZ

Buttermilk: the valuable, yet overlooked food ingredient.
Wednesday 18 October 2017 10-11am AEDT
David Everett, California Polytechnic, USA

Lactose – Spinning waste into gold (a little at a time!)
Wednesday 25 October 2017 10-11am AEDT
Don Otter, Senior Outreach Specialist ,Centre for Dairy Research, Wisconsin, USA

The interaction between pectin and yoghurt starter cultures
Wednesday 1 November 2-3pm AEDT
Petra Sugiarto, Danisco Australia

Designing your signature cheese flavours using adjuncts and technologies.
Wednesday 15 November 2-3pm AEDT
Scott Bolch, Chr Hansen Australia

Successful Cultivation and Nurturing of White Mould Cheeses
Wednesday 29 November 10-11am AEDT
Gianaclis Caldwell, Artisan Cheesemaker and Trainer, Oregon, USA

Affinage – Factors contributing to an effective aging space for small and large cheese facilities
Wednesday 6 December 10-11am AEDT
Michael Kalish, (Consultant, San Francisco), and David Mathieu, (Clauger, North America)

* Please note that changes may be made to this program at any time.


Category 12 month pass 6 month pass
Large companies (over 200 employees) $2200 $1200
Medium or single site companies (20-200 employees) $490 $260
Individuals and Small companies (1-20 employees) $220 $130

Purchase of a Webinar Season Pass entitles companies and individuals to the following:

  • Includes multiple logons for company registrations attending webinars (plus multiple people can participate from logon point)
  • Single logon for individuals / small companies (multiple people can participate from one logon)
  • Technical support for participants
  • PDF’s of presentations
  • Opportunity to ask questions of world expert during the webinar
  • Opportunity to liaise with and ask further questions of webinar presenter for one week post webinar.
  • Access to webinar recordings for 30 days post webinar
  • Professional development opportunity for individuals and companies
  • Opportunity to suggest new topics or dairy experts relevant to business needs

Contact Jenny Penfold jpenfold@gotafe.vic.edu.au for further details.