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Choose GOTAFE to train your employees in Food Processing and Laboratory skills. Our expert Trainers have intimate knowledge of the skillsets required for successful plant production. We’ll work with you to customise training plans to deliver the subjects that you and your employees need. We’ve got you covered from the factory floor to your supervisors and Research and Development team. Our courses range from Certificate II Food Processing (FDF20111) to Diploma of Food Science Technology (FDF50311).

We offer state-of-the-art facilities on-campus for practical learning in a safe environment, including canning plant, powder dryer, evaporator and UHT plant. Our team of Trainers come direct from the industry. They’ve worked locally and know what business needs from their trainees.

We support Trainees in the workplace to make sure they transfer the skills to their jobs. To make a difference to production and improve their job satisfaction.

Our online learning platform is student and learning focused. Students get access to their Trainers via email, text and on the Facebook group. They can meet other students online, share challenges and ask questions. When they attend residentials on-campus, they test and fine tune the skills they have learnt in the workplace.


The FDF10111 Certificate I in Food Processing is an entry level qualification that provides the foundation skills and knowledge required to commence a career in the food processing industry.

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Ideal for those working across food processing industries, the Certificate II in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing will equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to play your part in feeding the nation.

You’ll gain insight into grocery product supply chains and leave with a broad knowledge of grains, beverages, confectionery, spreads, poultry, dairy, fruit and vegetable processing. You’ll also have in depth knowledge of Dairy Nutritional Manufacturing, eg Infant milk formulae, in your tool bag, to help you on your way to become a Pharmaceutical Manufacturing specialist.

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Need highly skilled machine operators and supervisors in your plant? Sign them up for the Certificate III in Food Processing. Our expert Trainers produce confident employees with the skills and knowledge to make informed decisions and judgements in manufacturing processes. They’ll understand interrelated processes, team work, safety, and calculations for specific processes.

We offer customised training plans to satisfy your business needs. We focus on problem solving, line performance and trouble-shooting, and support students the workplace to apply their skills, continually improving line performance and business outcomes.

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This is a course for the true dairy specialists. The Certificate IV in Science and Technology is offered as a dual qualification with the Certificate IV in Laboratory Technology. We provide training for dairy food staff who are ready to develop their careers – whether it’s supervising on the factory floor, research and development or post-production operations.

We customise learning plans, so your employees learn the skills you need. We offer a combination of industry-based, media-rich online content and residentials on campus. Our fully registered pilot dairy factory, learning spaces and laboratory facilities provide the ideal space for students to learn with the experts through intensive workshops and practical assessments.

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The Certificate IV in Laboratory Techniques provides your existing staff with increased skills and knowledge to perform a wide range of laboratory tasks. This includes the taking and receiving of samples, performing tests and maintaining the laboratory and equipment in a variety of industry sectors. This qualification is available as a traineeship. On completion of this course, students will possess the ability to safely:

  • Maintain the laboratory
  • Perform a complex range of chemical, physical and microbiological tests
  • Plan daily work activities
  • Analyse and report results
  • Participate in continuous improvement processes
  • Meet quality, OHS and environmental requirements
  • Perform administrative tasks

They will also have the communication skills to be a valued member of a team.

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Equip your staff with world-class training. Whether you are looking to upskill your current employees or prepare new ones, GOTAFE provides high level skills in technical testing and sampling.

We work with you to make sure your employees are equipped in the specialist needs of your business.

NOTE: Only offered as a dual enrolment with the Diploma of Food Science and Technology (FDF50311).

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