Food Processing

Choose GOTAFE to train your employees in Food Processing and Laboratory skills. Our expert Trainers have intimate knowledge of the skillsets required for successful plant production. We’ll work with you to customise training plans to deliver the subjects that you and your employees need.

We’ve got you covered from the factory floor to your supervisors and Research and Development team. We offer state-of-the-art facilities on-campus for practical learning in a safe environment, including canning plant, powder dryer, evaporator and UHT plant. Our team of Trainers come direct from the industry. They’ve worked locally and know what business needs from their trainees.

We support Trainees in the workplace to make sure they transfer the skills to their jobs. To make a difference to production and improve their job satisfaction.

Our online learning platform is student and learning focused. Students get access to their Trainers via email, text and on the Facebook group. They can meet other students online, share challenges and ask questions. When they attend residentials on-campus, they test and fine tune the skills they have learnt in the workplace.


The FBP40418 Certificate IV in Food Science and Technology is the recognised qualification to become a qualified Food Safety Systems Officer or a Production Line Supervisor.

This qualification targets those currently working in technical and management roles within the food industry. It covers product development, food safety and quality, food production and distribution, environmental factors and functions, and the management and review of workplace systems.

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The FBP50118 Diploma of Food Science and Technology is the recognised qualification to become a qualified Food Testing Manager.

This Qualification provides a management level occupational outcome in a technical or quality role in food processing and supporting functions and covers a range of food related industries, including but not limited to:
general food processing

  • meat
  • seafood
  • poultry including chicken meat and egg processing
  • dairy processing
  • confectionery
  • beverages
  • baking and cereals

Enrolling students are required to be employed full time in the food processing industry. This program does not provide, or include, industry placement.

You will be enrolled into a current qualification.

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