How to Apply

We welcome you to contact us and chat about enrolling in or assistance with enrolling in one of our courses. Ways to get in touch:

Please find details below on how to apply or enrol for one of our courses:

Apply in Person

For the majority of GOTAFE Courses that aren’t Short Courses, we encourage you to contact us. There are steps we will walk you through before we can enrol you to your chosen course.

Apply Online

GOTAFE currently offers you the option to enrol or apply for courses online.

Let’s get you started

  • Find a course you want to study
  • Look for the Apply Now or Enrol Now button.
    The difference between Apply Now and Enrol Now comes down to a few simple things

    • For courses with the Enrol Now button you are able to pay and enrol online in one simple process.
    • For courses with Apply Now, we may need further information from you and we need to assess your suitability for the course.
  • For new students to GOTAFE you can just click the register and apply button and we will guide you through the registration process.
    • If you are an existing student you will be able to login with your current Student ID and password and add a new application via the My Courses page
    • If you clicked on the Enrol Now button we will then take you through a secure credit card payment. You will then receive an email once your payment is successful.
  • Submit your registration
  • You will receive an email confirmation with details of the course you have registered for and any details of next steps.

Course not available?

Expressions of interest can be lodged with GOTAFE at any time of the year for those courses that are not in VTAC. Direct entry into VTAC courses is not available until after first round offers are made in January.

Further Information


A selection of courses are available through VTAC. You need to check course information for these details. VTAC information booklets are currently available. VTAC can be contacted on 1300 364 133 or visit for further details.

Recognition of Prior Learning

You may be able to gain credits for subjects in recognition of the skills you have obtained through work, voluntary positions and life in general. GOTAFE has Recognition of Prior Learning Assessors who will assist you to gain formal qualifications.

To apply for recognition of prior learning:

  • Decide what qualification you would like to gain
  • Contact GOTAFE to obtain a recognition of prior learning kit for the qualification you would like to gain
  • Work through the competencies in the kit to see which competencies you feel you could obtain with your previously acquired skills
  • Gather your evidence for the competencies for which you believe you can gain recognition of prior learning
  • Make an appointment for a recognition of prior learning assessment