Hospitality & Commercial Cookery

Thinking about a career in Hospitality and Commercial Cookery? You’re making a wise choice. Whether you want to make your mark in the ‘foodie’ state here in Victoria or take your skills around the world, we have the course for you.

Manage a 100 person conference venue, work in exotic honey-moon destinations, or make families feel at home. There is a career in hospitality to suit your strengths. Hotels, restaurants, hospitals, cafes, overseas or at home. We ask you about your goals to help you choose the course that’s right for you.

At GOTAFE, you’re learning from the best. Hospitality and Commercial Cookery teachers have extensive industry experience. They’ve worked overseas and locally, and in some of Australia’s renowned restaurants and hotels. Our graduates are highly regarded by our local business partners.

You don’t need to move to Melbourne to study when GOTAFE has everything you need, close to home. Practice in our restaurants to learn on the job. Learn in our world class kitchens on campus. You’ll even participate in master classes with some of Australia’s top chefs, and show off your skills at regional and state-wide events:

  • VicTAFE Cookery Challenge
  • Chefs on the Murray Slow Food Dinner
  • Art on a Plate


Thinking of a career in hospitality? Be a front runner for jobs in bars, restaurants and cafes with the Certificate II in Hospitality. You’ll learn in our on campus state of the art kitchens, and our restaurants in Shepparton, Benalla and Wangaratta. You can also improve your job opportunities by completing Responsible Service of Alcohol and Food Handlers certificates as part of your course. You can stay with GOTAFE if you go onto an apprenticeship in Hospitality or Commercial Cookery.

Master hospitality skills:

  • Interact with customers and co-workers
  • Work safely
  • Provide customer service
  • Keep kitchen or bar clean and tidy
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Get a head start on a career in Hospitality. If you’re great in the kitchen, happy to pitch in and help out, the Certificate II in Kitchen Operations is the course for you. You can complete this course and progress into an apprenticeship.

You’ll learn in state of the art kitchen facilities on campus. We have restaurants in Shepparton, Wangaratta and Seymour where you can practice and learn on the job. You’ll learn what you need to enter the industry as a cook or a kitchen hand:

  • Food safety
  • Food hygiene
  • Cooking techniques
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Join us for the Certificate III in Catering Operations and turn your love of cooking for others into a career. We’ll teach you skills you need to work in a hospital catering department, aged care facility, hotel kitchen or sports venue.

If you’re already working, you can complete this course as a traineeship so you can learn on the job. Our Trainers are hospitality industry experts and will teach you things you can’t always learn at work. You’ll learn safe work practices and important cooking skills in our state of the art kitchens.

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Are you good at cleaning, and ready to turn your expertise into a business? The Certificate III in Cleaning Operations will give you the tricks and tools of the trade. Not only that, you’ll find out how to make cleaning work as a business, whether you’re working alone or supervising others. You’ll be well-equipped for domestic, commercial or healthcare cleaning roles.

We’ll teach you what you need to know:

  • Occupational health and safety
  • Understanding cleaning schedules
  • Cleaning surfaces such as floors, windows, carpets and kitchens
  • Communication and customer service
  • Operating cleaning equipment
  • Cleaning at high levels
  • Leadership and problem solving skills
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Want to turn your flair for cooking into a career? The Certificate III in Commercial Cookery is your Apprenticeship as a qualified Chef.

GOTAFE Apprentices are like a family, with networks that last long after the course. Our experts teach on-campus and in your workplace to increase your confidence and cooking expertise.

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Channel your love of working with people into a career in hospitality. The Certificate III in Hospitality delivers job-ready skills to set you up for work. You’ll gain industry knowledge in customer service and workplace hygiene as well as obtaining your Responsible Service of Alcohol. Gain skills to run in-house events/functions, serve food and beverages to customers, plus operate a bar and restaurant. You’ll find work opportunities from the local pub to top international restaurants anywhere in the world.

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Your experience matched with this qualification is your ticket to seek work in a Bar or Restaurant anywhere in the world.

Boost your skills managing stock levels, creating delicious coffee and the latest cocktails. By taking it to the next level with this Certificate you could be managing front of house operations in no time.

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Extend your cooking skills and career with the Certificate IV in Catering Operations. Learn to coach and supervise staff in a busy kitchen. Our graduates find work everywhere from hospital catering departments and aged care facilities to hotel kitchens and sporting venues.

Run your own catering company or supervise a catering kitchen.

Our Trainers are in the hospitality industry and teach you higher level skills you can’t always learn on the job. You’ll learn safe work practices, supervisory skills and cooking techniques.

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The well-rounded Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery has all the ingredients you need to advance your career. With this qualification under your belt, you’re on the way to becoming head chef.

We combine expert cookery skills and hospitality management training. Learn specialty menu planning alongside financial and management techniques. Learn from industry professionals who know their way around a kitchen and how to manage a business.

You’ll study the latest cooking methodologies and techniques in our restaurants and on-campus kitchens. Why not take this qualification onto the Diploma of Hospitality to consolidate yourself as an industry expert?

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  • Consolidate your career in hospitality with the Certificate IV. Hospitality is a growth industry and can take you anywhere from boutique cafes to international hotels. With our course, you’ll master management skills to run a restaurant, catering business, or hotel. Provide exceptional service to customers to keep them coming back for more. And if you already have the know-how, we can help you with Recognition of Prior Learning.At GOTAFE you learn hands on:
    • Participate in master classes with top Australian Chefs
    • Train in our restaurants
    • Work with experts in our state of the art on-campus kitchens
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If you’re getting serious about hospitality, join us for the Diploma. You’ll train in our on campus state of the art kitchens, and put your skills to practice in our Restaurants. Our Trainers work in the local hospitality industry and will teach you management and operational skills using real-life projects. Manage from the ground up, from supervising staff, to front of house operations and everything in between.

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