Ready to create beautiful spaces in the great outdoors? Join our award-winning team and study horticulture at GOTAFE. Jump straight into a short course to indulge your green thumb. Learn specialist skill such as landscape planning or hydroponics.

Whether you’re at school, or currently working in a horticulture business, we’ve got the qualification for you. We offer flexibility across our courses. Combine qualifications, or choose the specialists subjects that inspire you the most. We’ll make sure you choose the course that suits your goals.

Study Horticulture at GOTAFE for a career as a:

  • Horticulture Tradesperson
  • Landscaper
  • Nursery Worker
  • Parks & Gardens Worker

If you have apprentices or trainees, we customise courses for you, so your staff get business-ready skills and knowledge. We’ll sit with you and create a customised training plan for your apprentice. We nurture and teach our apprentices to learn their trade. On campus and at work. We help them apply their skills, and they increase their life and work maturity into the bargain.

This qualification is part of the Free TAFE for Priority Courses initiative.

Do you have a green thumb and a love of the outdoors? Our Certificate II in Horticulture will give you a taste for a career in this rewarding industry. Whether you’re at school, want to study online, or already working in the industry, you’ll learn from leading horticulture experts. We’ll give you feel for all the trades you can specialise in.

You’ll learn in our on campus gardens and on immersive field trips. Our experienced trainers will help you apply what you learn to your workplace.

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This qualification is part of the Free TAFE for Priority Courses initiative.

The AHC20716 Certificate II in Nursery Production is the recognised qualification to become a qualified Production Nursery Assistant.

The horticulture department of GOTAFE has developed a comprehensive and exciting program, providing participants with the skills and knowledge required to work within the nursery and garden industry, allowing the learner to gain experience in a variety of areas from within the nursery industry.

This course requires the participant to undertake study 1 day per week undertaking as a part time study. Participants will be required to attend every Wednesday throughout the duration of the course following normal school semester dates. This program will be delivered over a 12 time frame.

You will be enrolled into a current qualification.

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This qualification provides a first-hand experience of what it is like to work in the landscape industry. This program is ideal as a pre-apprenticeship course or a springboard for further study. You’ll work in a team to plan and build a series of landscape projects based around the GOTAFE William Orr Campus. You’ll learn how to construct paving, retaining walls, irrigation, plant selection and propagation, soil structure plus garden bed preparation and planting.

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Want to contribute to Australia’s reputation for clean green horticulture? Learn how to grow, harvest and sell a range of high demand fruit and vegetable crops from the best in Victoria. We’ll help you learn on the job, online and on campus. You can specialise in greenhouse hydroponics, orchards or vegetable production.

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This qualification is part of the Free TAFE for Priority Courses initiative.

The horticulture department of GOTAFE has developed a comprehensive and exciting program, providing participants with the skills and knowledge to help build more sustainable approach to horticulture, allowing the learner to gain experience in a variety of sectors from within the horticulture industry. This is the new standard required to become a qualified Horticulturist.

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GOTAFE’s Horticulture team has developed a comprehensive and exciting new program, providing you with hands on experience in areas including construction of brick and stone structures, retaining walls and landscape features, as well as plant establishment, soil profiles, costing and scheduling.

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Nurture your passion for all things green while you learn how to create beauty in your local community. The AHC31016 Certificate III in Parks and Gardens fills you in on how to prepare, plant and maintain outdoor areas for everyone to enjoy. Our apprentices and trainees work outdoors, managing and maintaining parks, reserves, gardens and bushland. We take good care of our apprentices through teaching solid skills and supporting you to practice what you learn.

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Passionate about landcare? With the Certificate III, you’ll discover how to restore the balance between people and the environment.

We have the best learning facilities in regional Victoria right here at GOTAFE. Gain experience in weed and pest control, revegetation, plant identification and propagation, soils and plant nutrition and landscape construction.

Gain the skills and job readiness sought after by employers in this competitive industry including your Chainsaw, OHS and Farm Chemical tickets. We’ll support you to master your skills and knowledge on the job.

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Become specialists within the production horticulture industry. If you’re looking to upskill to land a Supervisory role, then this is the course that can take you there.

Whether you specialise is orchard production, vegetable or berry production, grape growing; or, greenhouse hydroponics, GOTAFE’s expert Trainers can give you the tools you need to take the next step.

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Nurture your love of all things green and take your trade further with the Certificate IV in Horticulture. Be the go-to expert on plant suitability, health and design for your colleagues and clients.

You’ll learn the skills you need to run a business and coach others, as well as specialist horticulture skills. Plants, parks and gardens, landscape, nursery and pest management. We’ll make sure the course is shaped to your job. And if you want to do the Diploma of Horticulture, we streamline the process and enrol you there as well.

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