We want you to be at the forefront of progress and growth in the Agricultural Industry. There’s no better place than GOTAFE to learn what you need. We help you choose the right course for the career you’re after. If it’s staff training you need, we’ll help you put together a training plan. You don’t even need to leave the farm.

Our students range from people studying at school, to those entering senior management roles, and industry leaders. Certificate II to Advanced Diploma. We offer short courses to improve safety in all aspects of farming from the tractor in the field, to using chemicals.

You’ll benefit from our local relationships and knowledge. You can enter tertiary studies through our partners Charles Sturt University. We have access to working farms where you can practice skills in a safe environment before applying them on the job.

We make sure you have access to the latest techniques and research. Join our graduates and see increases in farm productivity. Learn from our industry experienced trainers while you build networks with fellow agricultural professionals.


Turn your love of life on the farm into a career. The Certificate II in Agriculture gets you started on your way. You’ll learn about all parts of a working dairy farm. Safe use of chemicals, equipment and machinery, animals, and specialist areas such as dairy. Spend time on local working farms to learn and see farm processes in action.

Ask all the questions you need and learn in a safe environment. You can use your new knowledge and skills at work. All our trainers have worked on local farms and pass that knowledge and experience onto you.

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If you love working on the land, then the Certificate III in Agriculture is right for you. Our expert Trainers help you choose the subjects that suit your strengths. You’ll learn about all parts of farm operations.

Pasture and crops, livestock, machinery and fencing. You’ll learn safe work practices and how to care for animals in a safe environment and see farm processes in action. We teach you so you get things right the first time when you’re at work.

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If Dairy’s in your blood then the Certificate III in Agriculture (Dairy Production) is for you. We’ve teamed up with Dairy Australia to make sure the training you get is what the industry wants: from feeding, pastures and crops, machinery, fencing, animal health, and milking operations, we cover the field.

And we provide training across dairy districts Victoria-wide so your skills will be in demand right across the state. You’ll learn in a safe environment and see production processes in action. We help you build the confidence to get things right the first time when you’re at work.

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Strengthen your expertise in farm operations and management with the Certificate IV in Agriculture. We offer specialist subjects for dairy, livestock production and cropping so you can focus on topics you need.

You’ll learn on local working farms to see processes in action. You’ll gain knowledge in a range of farm production systems. Meet other farmers, share challenges and strengthen your local networks. From pasture, crops and livestock, to basic business management and supervision of staff, our experienced Trainers will pass on their knowhow to you. If you are considering a gap year, you might consider working on a farm and studying the Certificate IV in Agriculture.

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Step into the world of agribusiness. Learn the latest techniques in financial management, leadership and decision making. As an Agribusiness Administrator, you’ll be required to perform complex, non-routine tasks to boost the profitability of your business. Your qualification may help you manage business finances and teach your own staff more effectively.

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Don’t get left behind by advances in farming techniques. Learn from the experts at GOTAFE and gain recognition for your skills and experience. We share the latest research about soil health, sustainable farming practices, and climate risk management with you.
Study with other farm operators, share challenges and experiences while you learn. Your qualification will help you teach your own staff more effectively. Join our other graduates and see your farm yield the results.

We focus on five streams:

  • Finding training and managing people
  • Making business decisions
  • Management and care of livestock
  • Feed/Pasture
  • Machinery and Equipment and OHS
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Currently working in an agribusiness: rural lending, stock agency, or a working farm? Be at the leading edge of agribusiness best practice, with the know-how your colleagues look up to.

The Diploma in Agribusiness Management strengthens your management skills, including:

  • Managing business capital
  • Planning and management of infrastructure
  • Strategic planning
  • Business performance analysis
  • Financial and human resource management
  • Managing for sustainability
  • Developing climate risk strategies
  • Estate planning

Our Trainers are industry experts. Use their knowledge and experience to help with current projects or challenges. Grow your business networks and relationships with other business owners.

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Consolidate yourself as an expert in your field. Gain recognition for your skills and experience in the agricultural industry. Share challenges and experiences with other senior farm managers and strengthen your networks. The Advanced Diploma can lead to tertiary studies with Charles Sturt University so you gain qualifications while you’re working. We offer the Advanced Diploma across regional Victoria.

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