Looking for an education that works with you?

GOTAFE offers real world learning experiences, flexible hands-on training and a wide range of accredited courses across regional Victoria.

The largest tertiary education provider in Northern Victoria, we offer over 250 courses to almost 20,000 enrolled students. Check out our courses below and find the right one for you.

Study Business & IT

Business & IT

At GOTAFE, we teach more than just the latest software packages. Our students learn judgement and professionalism. We teach students how to think clearly and strategically: critical analysis, risk mitigation and competitor assessment. Students graduate as mature, capable and confident individuals ready to make a difference in your business.

Study Art & Design

Creative Services

We help creative people thrive. We take our students’ raw talent, and guide them towards their signature style, whether that’s as a gifted graphic design or a hairdresser in demand. And we’re just as dedicated to equipping students with industry connections and hands-on experience, so they’re confident in their next step.

Teaching Training

Education & Teaching

When it comes to training teachers, there is no substitute for a trusted education provider. As part of the TAFE network, GOTAFE has a long history of training versatile, empathetic and capable teachers. With our specialisation in Indigenous education and english as second language, we also bring expertise in catering to the whole spectrum of learners.

Study Health and Nursing

Health & Community

When students are getting ready for a role in the caring profession, community is everything. It’s this sense of community that GOTAFE creates which fosters a safe, supportive space for our students to grow, support each other and be challenged. So they emerge confident, capable and ready to thrive.

Hospitality Courses | GOTAFE

Hospitality, Events & Tourism

Whether you’re wrangling a bustling commercial kitchen or hosting a major events, our students have the creativity, flair and practical ability they need to shine. They learn with state-of-the art equipment, from respected local experts. They leave ready to land demanding roles and hit the ground running.

Study Manufacturing


When you need staff who fit straight into a role and get the job done, choose GOTAFE. Our students master processes and optimise them for peak efficiency. Whether that’s working in a laboratory, analysing a sample; or working in head office deconstructing workflows, GOTAFE students see how to work better.

Study Rural Industries

Food & Fibre

Looking for job-ready graduates in farming and agriculture? Choose a training provider who’s close to the ground. GOTAFE has deep connections in regional Victoria: our trainers are local experts who understand local conditions. So our graduates emerge with the latest techniques, ready to put their knowledge to work.

Technical Trades

Technical Trades

Need your staff up-to-date, but don’t have time to teach them yourself? Talk to GOTAFE. Your staff will learn on state-of-the-art equipment, and master best-practices. Getting the job done often means knowing the right people. Your staff can tap into our trainer’s local knowledge and networks. So they always know who to call.