Important Information

ICT is carrying out initiatives in relation to Student Login id and their password.

Until now the default password for a student is their DOB.  There is no option to change it. 

A new process is in place to allow the student to change his/her password on their own.

Note that the change of password format for NEW students will take effect from 22nd May 2018. 

  • The existing format ‘ddmmyyyy’ will be changed to ‘LastnameMonthyyyy’ e.g. SmithMay1977
    • This will impact on newly enrolled student(s) only
    • This change will not affect current student’s password.  However the new feature will allow them to change it themselves.
    • This option is available for GOTAFE network account/resources only
      • No Change to LMS (ex: Moodle)
      • No Change to Library systems
    • New feature will allow the students to change their password (self-service)
    • It is more secure


  • Web site content will be updated accordingly
  • How to change Instructions below…..effective from 23rd May 2018
  • All new network accounts need to change their password after initial login

You know your username, but forgot the password and need to reset it

Go to,

You know your password, but you want to change it

1.  Go to and sign in with your work or school account username and existing password.

2.  Go to Settings (cog) > Password.

Settings Cog menu, then click Password link

3.  Make your changes and click Save.

Click here for more in formation on How to change your password in Office 365

GOTAFE ICT are performing maintenance on PaperCut which may affect some student printing accounts.

Important – If you are continuing enrollment from last year, but not currently enrolled, your printing account may be removed from PaperCut and your current balance will disappear.

If this happens you will be unable to print until you have enrolled in 2018 and there is credit on your account.  Please follow these steps to recover your account balance:

1)      Wait until your 2018 enrollment is completed.

2)       Ask your teacher to raise a helpdesk ticket to recover your print account balance as at 16/2/2018.

3)      GOTAFE ICT staff will verify your previous balance and credit your account for that amount.  Your teacher will notify you once this has been done.

Students who are currently enrolled as at 16/2/2018 will not be affected.

Student Access

Students please note: If a Certificate has been produced prior to your card’s expiry, as displayed under your name, your access to ALL information and technology facilities will no longer be available.