Important Information

Your network ID is your student number.

Your email address (without the brackets) will be <your student number>

Your initial password is made up of:

  1. Your full surname (no hyphens, spaces or apostrophes)
  2. The month of your birthdate (3 characters – eg Jan, Feb, Mar…etc)
  3. The year of your birthdate (4 digits – eg 2003)

For example:
If your Surname is Dunn-O’Riley, and Birthday is 06/10/2001
then your Initial Password will be DunnorileyOct2001

The first time you log in, you will be required to change this password.

These credentials are NOT APPLICABLE to goLearn – Moodle or SirsiDynix (Library catalogue search) systems. These systems require separate IDs and passwords which will be provided to you by GOTAFE staff when required.


If you forgot your password and need to reset it

Check out the  Password Reset Registration document for further information

Go to

If you know your password but want to change it

1.  Go to and sign in with your work or school account username and existing password.

2.  Go to Settings (cog) > Password.

Settings Cog menu, then click Password link

3.  Make your changes and click Save.

Check out  How to change your password in Office 365

NOTE: As a security requirement, students now have to periodically change their passwords. Students will be notified via their student email address within 14 days of the required change. Instructions on how to do so will be within the email.

GOTAFE ICT are performing maintenance on PaperCut which may affect some student printing accounts.

Important – If you are continuing enrollment from last year, but not currently enrolled, your printing account may be removed from PaperCut and your current balance will disappear.

If this happens you will be unable to print until you have enrolled in 2018 and there is credit on your account.  Please follow these steps to recover your account balance:

1)      Wait until your 2018 enrollment is completed.

2)       Ask your teacher to raise a helpdesk ticket to recover your print account balance as at 16/2/2018.

3)      GOTAFE ICT staff will verify your previous balance and credit your account for that amount.  Your teacher will notify you once this has been done.

Students who are currently enrolled as at 16/2/2018 will not be affected.

GOTAFE’s Wi-Fi is secured and monitored for the safety of all students & staff.

In order to connect to our Wi-Fi, you will need to follow these steps to authenticate yourself on our network.

  • First, ensure you can log in to the GOTAFE network.
    • If you’re on campus, try using a Library or Classroom PC.
    • If you’re at home/work try connecting to your GOTAFE web mail account –

The first time you connect to either of these services, you will be asked to change your password.  (Please see the “Student Network Login Information” tab above for further information)

  • Next, browse to Campus Life – Wi-Fi and find the instructions for your personal device/operating system.
    Note: Make sure you have administrator access on your device (school or work supplied devices, may not allow administrator access – see the FAQ)
  • Follow the instructions in the document to download and install Cloudpath.  This will connect you to the GOTAFE ”BYOD-Student“ Wi-Fi network.


Q)   I’ve connected to the GOTAFE Wi-Fi.  Why can’t I access some websites?

A)   This happens a lot.  Most of the time, it’s because the Wi-Fi instructions have not been completed.

  1. Check to make sure that you are connected to BYOD-STUDENT and not BYOD-PROVISIONING.
  2. Check you’ve followed the correct instructions for your device and you’ve completed each step successfully.
  3. Once you’ve tried a. and b., ask your teacher to contact the GOTAFE ICT Helpdesk.


Q)   I have a school/work supplied device.  What if I do not have administrator access to my device?

A)   Speak to your School/Work IT staff.  Take a copy of the w-fi connection instructions with you.  Ask them whether they can supply you with the admin password, or whether they can install Cloudpath onto the laptop for you.
If neither of these options are possible, ask for someone in your IT department who GOTAFE ICT can speak to, then ask your teacher to contact the GOTAFE ICT Helpdesk.


Students please note: If a Certificate has been produced prior to your card’s expiry, as displayed under your name, your access to ALL information and technology facilities will no longer be available.