Student Achievements Recognised at Graduations

GOTAFE students formally celebrated the successful completion of their respective courses at graduation ceremonies held during March.

Almost 400 graduands from GOTAFE’s various campuses were formally presented with graduation certificates along with some of their fellow classmates. The ceremonies were also attended by family, friends and GOTAFE staff to support the student’s achievements.

The students completed courses in a number of study fields including educational development, business, information technology, community services, health and nursing, hair and beauty, hospitality, learning skills and multicultural education during 2014.

The graduation ceremony also recognises students who demonstrated outstanding achievement during their course;

  • Centre Achievement Award for Health & Nursing – Caroline Albers
  • Centre Achievement Award for Community Services (Aged Care) – Susan Bender
  • Centre Achievement Award for Community Services (Children’s Services) – Bethany Mugford
  • Centre Achievement Award for Multicultural – Gideon Nyangela
  • Centre Achievement Award for Health & Nursing – Suzanne Sherr
  • Centre Achievement Award for Health & Nursing – Melanie Stone
  • Centre Achievement Award for Performing and Theatre Arts – Ashley Merbach
  • Centre Achievement Award for Health & Nursing – Emma Brooke Morrison

Guests and students also had the opportunity to hear from Daniel Flynn, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Thankyou Group, a business venture he founded at just 19 years of age. The Thankyou Group has donated in excess of $1,000,000 to provide clean drinking water, health and hygiene projects and short term food aid to those in need by donating the profits from the sale of Thankyou products.

Daniel spoke to the students about his experiences, inspiring them to pursue their passion even through the setbacks and the triumphs that come hand in hand with new business ventures, he also challenged them to question ‘the way things have always been done’ to find new and innovative approaches to achieving an successful outcome.

GOTAFE delivers vocational education and training to almost 20,000 students annually with a number of campuses across North East Victoria, the Goulburn Valley, across Victoria and increasingly interstate with a large number of courses being offered online.