Outstanding Training Announced

GOTAFE Community Services Trainer, Mary Boruch, from GOTAFE’s Seymour Campus has been awarded the GOTAFE Trainer of the Year Award for her dedication, professionalism and leadership.

The Trainer of the Year Award aims to recognise a teacher who exemplifies best practice teaching and/or training skills together with commitment, professionalism, outcomes and industry standing.

Ms Boruch, an Aged Care Trainer, has been teaching for nine years and still retains her nursing registration. Admired for her genuine commitment to students and industry knowledge, her colleagues have nothing but praise for this passionate Trainer.

“Mary’s enthusiasm is infectious. Mary always shows professionalism to students, colleagues and industry partners whilst passing on her passion of the aged care industry to her students. She finds innovative ways of teaching enabling her to accommodate to the different learning styles within her groups,” explained Vicki Robertson, GOTAFE Health Leader of Operations

“Mary’s distinguishing quality is her ability to lead by example, sharing from her own learning experiences then imparting this valuable knowledge onto her students,” said Claire Grellman, GOTAFE Community Services Team Leader of Operations.

Ms Boruch’s passion for her role is also evident in comments from her students; recognising her high level of knowledge of the aged care industry which has resulted in greater retention of students and their interest in continuing study in the nursing field and quickly gaining employment. Past student, Whirly (Dianne) Ogston, contributes Mary’s enthusiasm and teaching style to her success.

“I met Mary for the first time at the GOTAFE Introduction Day when I started doubting about doing my aged care course, she was enthusiastic about it and that pulled me over. I started to love it more and more, her method of educating was motivating and stimulating, she is enthusiastic and punctual and very patient,” explained Ms Ogston.

“I think her greatest gift of teaching is, she teaches us with individual personal care, the way she wants us to be a carer, and I learned a lot from that, because everybody has different needs.

Always grateful to have had Mary as my teacher.”

Ms Boruch will now become GOTAFE’s nominee for the annual State Training Awards.

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