Where Are They Now | Laura Bell

Laura never thought that she would own and manage her own business at 21!

Laura was exposed to the hairdressing world at a young age, thanks to her hairdressing Mum. Growing up around the industry made her intrigued to be a part of it and follow in her Mothers footsteps.

Laura started attending the VETis school program in Hairdressing once a week while still attending Secondary School. This allowed her to get an early introduction to the Hairdressing industry.

“The course wasn’t easy. It was full-on, I was working part time, attending school and going to TAFE once a week. Even though it was full-on, it was worth it”.

Laura’s Trainer, Carmel was a great support to her. Having a Trainer with a wide range of experience in hairdressing allowed Laura and her classmates to learn a lot of additional skills.

Doors began opening for Laura as she kept moving up in the hairdressing world. During the VETiS program, she was offered a fulltime Apprenticeship with a Salon in Albury. She jumped at opportunity and successfully completed her Apprenticeship in 2013. She moved back to Wangaratta and worked at Monroe’s.

Laura made a life changing decision after 18 months and moved to Melbourne to work at the renowned hairdressing salon, UVA Salon co owned by Joey Scandizzo and Marie Uva. It was at this time that she was able to express her creative side. She experienced many unique opportunities to gain elsewhere.

Working at UVA Salon, Laura competed in the HBIA–Hair & Beauty Industry Association and achieved third place in the “now colour, senior” category. She placed in the Top 20 in Australia for the Wella Trend Vision competition but unfortunately had to pull out as she stopped working at UVA’s during the competition.

Laura worked at UVA Salon for roughly 14-15 months. It was after this that she decided to move back to Wangaratta and have a go at starting her own business, Vivyd.

“I love to push myself, and keep trying new things. I wanted to have job satisfaction and do something for me. Get myself out there and it’s more rewarding.”

Laura really enjoyed her time in Melbourne but was looking for something that offered more job satisfaction, and a place where she could pass the knowledge that she has learnt onto other people.

Studying with GOTAFE gave Laura a head start career as it helped her decide what she wanted to do, and confirmed that hairdressing was really for her. It was the first step in becoming who she is today.

“Hairdressing is definitely hard work but it does payoff, I love my job now more than ever”.

Laura is a strong believer that “if you have the drive and passion, you can do anything”.