Lady Tradies | Katherine Sellick

Looking for different opportunities and reliable consistency in the workplace is what inspired Katherine Sellick to go down the path of a Technical Trade career.

“I have had a good response from most people since taking up study this year towards a Certificate III in Plumbing and my family and friends have been really supportive.”

Katherine chose GOTAFE because of the known reputation of what comes out of it.

“I personally think it is important to get accredited applied skills in the workplace so that you have a full understanding of what is required and to be up to date in your trade.”

“My job in Wodonga involves working on bases and gutters and through this course I am learning new and practical skills at all the different stages of plumbing which will be beneficial going forward.”

Katherine is finding the GOTAFE trainers to be very helpful and understanding especially on specific things she has not been sure of.

“I am the only girl in the class and it was very hard to start with but I am slowly getting to know the classmates and the hand tools.”

In a generally male dominated industry, Katherine believes determination is important and to keep going at it and not to stop.

“If you are a girl and you are thinking of becoming a Tradie, I think you should get some kind of work experience first to see what it is like before you make the final decision.  Also, if you like it, don’t let people stop you becoming what you really want to be.”