Kooriez in da Hood Continues to Inspire

The unique Kooriez in da Hood program, now in its seventh year, continues to inspire young Koorie students to explore cultural heritage and creative outlets.

Seven students have been on a journey of self-discovery in which they researched their cultural heritage and translated what they have learnt into wearable art in the form of hooded jumpers or Hoodies. The program culminates in Presentation Ceremony to be held at the GOTAFE Shepparton Campus on Wednesday 16 September 2015.

Koorie Heritage Trust in partnership with GOTAFE run this community arts project with the aim to engage ‘at risk’ indigenous youth and promote Koorie pride within the student cohort.

GOTAFE Program Coordinator and Koorie Arts Trainer, Robyn Thompson said students were given the opportunity to research and explore their culture, with many speaking with elders to identify their tribes totems and family stories that inspire their designs.

“This year students had the opportunity to visit the new Koorie Heritage Trust at Federation Square and join a guided tour along the Yarra River exploring urban Koorie heritage. They participated in screen printing workshops at Spacecraft Studio, Collingwood as well as model their Hoodies during a professional photo shoot,” explained Ms Thompson.

The students were guided through the program by Artist and Graphic Designer Shannon Jukes, who is himself a former student of the Kooriez in da Hood program 2, Koorie Heritage Trust, Melbourne, graduating in 2010.

“This was my first time delivering the program in Shepparton. I wanted to be a mentor to my students, to show them what is possible through this program. They learnt so much more than just the art of screen printing and drawing, they learnt about where they come from and how that can shape their future,” said Mr Jukes.

“My students have accomplished so much over the past 10 weeks. We are all looking forward to celebrating their achievements and showcasing their work to their family and friends.”

The Ceremony will include a presentation by Ian Hamm, Deputy Chair of the Koorie Heritage Trust and will be attended by family, friends and peers of the group and representatives from local indigenous organisations.

For further information on the Kooriez in da Hood program please contact Robyn Thompson via the Koorie Education Unit on 1300 GOTAFE.