GOTAFE Students Offer a Taste of Harmony

GOTAFE staff and students are set to attend events across the region in celebration of Cultural Diversity Week, March 14-21.

Cultural Diversity Week celebrates the harmony Australia has achieved in our short history and for fifteen years, these celebrations have been capped off with Harmony Day. ‘Taste of Harmony’ events are held nationally as a fun way for communities to share their culture and food. On Friday, March 20 students from GOTAFE’s Multicultural Education Unit are hosting such an event with ‘a taste of the world’ offered in exchange for a smile.

From family oriented community days at the local park to loud and proud ‘walks to recognition, Cultural Diversity Week events provide an opportunity for all to express and celebrate their culture and faith. The theme for Cultural Diversity Week in2015 is Strengthening our Community.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 46.8% of Victorians were either born overseas or have at least one parent born overseas. Our diversity then, underpins our way of life in Victoria. It creates a more productive, creative and dynamic society and improves our ability to see and connect with the world around us.

If one thing unites such diversity, it is food. So, join us under the sails at our Fryers Street campus in Shepparton on Friday 20th March from 12pm – 1pm for a taste of Harmony.