GOTAFE Offer Automotive Courses in Wodonga For the First Time in 2015

An automotive pre-apprenticeship course will be offered by GOTAFE in 2015 to address a training gap in the Albury and Wodonga region for automotive apprentices.

GOTAFE Team Leader Automotive, Mark Ward said the Certificate II in Automotive course will take place at the Wodonga Secondary School and is open to anyone considering a career in automotive.

“We are really excited to offering Certificate II in Automotive (pre-apprenticeship) for the first time in Wodonga” said Mark.

“A pre-apprenticeship gives students job ready skills meaning they can walk straight into an apprenticeship and quite often their skills are far more advanced than someone straight from high school, additionally employers recognise a pre-apprenticeship as a good indicator of the high skill level they have come to expect.

“Currently the closest automotive training is offered by GOTAFE at our Wangaratta Campus, we noticed an increase in interest from students from Wodonga and over the border in Albury so we decided to offer the course from Wodonga.

“We have a number of automotive related pre-apprenticeships including general automotive, air conditioning, electrical and engineering.

“We are also seeing a rise in females in traditional trades, at present we have eight female apprentices who are enrolled in automotive, they are diligent workers, good all round students and the quality of work they produce is fantastic.

“Females in traditional trades is a trend that is becoming more and more popular; financial incentives for areas with skills shortages, advances in technology and a shift in attitudes have broadened the openings for females across traditional trades, being able to offer automotive pre-apprenticeship in Wodonga is a great opportunity for any females considering a trade career.”

Mark went on to say that GOTAFE offer a number of a pre-apprenticeships, saying these Certificate II level courses offer an ideal stepping stone into an apprenticeship and employment.

For more information on automotive courses at GOTAFE please visit or contact Team Leader Mark Ward on 0439 650 169.

Additionally for information on financial incentives available to apprentices and females in trades please visit