Horticulture students create garden for Milawa P.S

GOTAFE Horticulture students have designed, created and planted a custom space for Milawa Primary School that will become a space for students to congregate, to hold meetings and even host school performances.

GOTAFE Horticulture Trainer, Andrew ‘Tommy’ Taylor said the students have created something to be proud of.

“Four Horticulture students have created an amazing space the Milawa Primary School students will fall in love with,” said Tommy.

Tommy talks about how the video came about about and the design elements. Watch the video

“This particular group of Horticulture students are real goers, I was so lucky with these students, they have been committed to this project, working on it for 14 weeks, two days a week with only a few days missed due to bad weather.

“Milawa Primary School approached us to complete the work, we have done some work with the Principal, Ash Campbell before so he knew our work and knew that it is a cost effective way to get a custom designed space because they don’t have to pay for labour.

Andrew taylor and Horticulture students helping Milawa P.S students finish off their garden

“They gave us a budget and off we went.

“We toured previous garden design projects completed by previous GOTAFE hort students including Wang West P.S, Gateway Health and the rehab section of the Hospital in Clarke Street, they assessed what worked and what needs redesigning. For example in this project we used steel edging instead of aluminium as it needs to be up to the challenge of withstanding lots of wear and tear from busy students.

“The GOTAFE students have designed and implemented a really creative space with unique paving designs and the plan is that it will be a space that flows on from the classrooms, students and staff will gather here and with it has double tiered seating and deck where we envisage lots of school performances will be held.

“We enjoy taking on projects like this because our clients love their new space and they look after it, they get so excited by the new garden.”

Tommy went on to say that he will be looking for another project in 2018 for the students to work on.

Ash Campbell, Principal at Milawa P.S talks about the new garden created by GOTAFE horticulture students. Watch here

So much to celebrate

Join us to celebrate 20 years as Goulburn Ovens Institute of TAFE in Shepparton

To mark this special milestone, we have developed a wall display timelining the provision of education on our Fryers Street Campus since the 1800’s.

We are also taking this opportunity to celebrate the achievements of our Horticultural students in developing stage two of our garden upgrade plus showcase the work produced by our Cultural Arts students this year and work developed by our students at the recent World Skills Competition in Melbourne.

You might have noticed a hive of activity at GOTAFE’s Fryers Street Campus as stage two of the garden facelift transforms our Campus thanks to Horticulture and Conversation Land Management students.

The works are being completed under the watchful eye of GOTAFE Horticulture Trainer Robyn Saunders. “The students have designed a concept which offers a more open and welcoming space in front of the campus and Restaurant,” said Ms Saunders. Each stage of the facelift relates to a required unit of competency the students must complete, including ‘Set out site for construction works’, ‘Operate machinery’, ‘Install irrigation systems’ and ‘Implement a plant establishment program’. “As a Trainer it is hugely satisfying to see our students develop such a wide range of skills and knowledge while building this new landscape. It is great to be working on a site which is highly visible, as it gives our students an opportunity to demonstrate what they are capable of firstly designing, then constructing.”

Indigenous students from the GOTAFE Shepparton Campus have been involved in a number of programs throughout the year, many of which are a contemporary twist on the traditional. “Indigenous art is evolving and this year’s cultural arts group wanted to reflect that in their pieces. While they displayed a deep respect for traditional forms of indigenous art, they were happy to explore new ways in which to express their cultural heritage and used items such as skateboards and mannequins to create works of art,” said Trainer Robyn Thompson.

The public exhibition will run from 21 November to 25 November at GOTAFE Shepparton Campus, Fryers Street, with a range of student work available for sale.