GOTAFE student returns for Chile study tour

GOTAFE student Stephanie Woodhall recently returned from a study tour of Chile where she studied with Chilean business students and experienced the local culture. Stephanie studied the SIT40416 Certificate IV in Hospitality at GOTAFE’s Seymour Campus and said GOTAFE gave her the courage to apply and to experience this once in a lifetime opportunity.

“I applied for this amazing scholarship opportunity because I was well supported by my teachers here at GOTAFE and through my family as well,” she said.

“I had always wanted to study abroad for years but was always too scared or didn’t have the funds when they were needed. GOTAFE made it very simple for me to go with only having to pay $500 toward the trip, less than half of the total cost!”

Chile was not somewhere that Stephanie had considered travelling to but was glad that she took the leap of faith and applied. The tour had everything from Chilean BBQ’s to Chilean Business owners.

“On the trip, I got to experience some extraordinary culture through food, BBQ’s, walking tours and classes designed from a Chilean timetable and structure.

“We studied with local Chilean students who had a genuine interest in Business in Latin America and likewise to me had a passion to start a career in business.
Stephanie encourages anyone considering a study tour to take up the opportunity and make it happen.

“This experience is a once in a lifetime opportunity that I would do again and again and strongly recommend any student who is offered something like this study tour to grab it and go.

Stephanie was selected to represent GOTAFE and was awarded the Lopez-Lochert Scholarship that was established to foster Australian-Chilean relationships.

You do have a backup, don’t you?

We’ve all seen the “Don’t click this” and the “Don’t click that” messages, but what if something does happen and you lose all your files, including your family photos or documents you spent hours typing up.

The best thing to do is restore from a backup, you do have a backup, don’t you?

With the ever increasing reports of malicious software or malware in the news it’s important to backup your files. To put it simply: data you don’t have backed up is data you can afford to lose!

It’s easier and cheaper to be proactive and have a backup than to try and recover from a hard drive failure.

There are a few options available, such as a local backup which means you have to copy your data to an external drive such as a USB or hard drive. Typically this is a manual process.

Another option is to use online storage such as Google Drive, One Drive or iCloud to store your files. These options have limited storage capacity, no file versioning and limited recovery of files deleted by either yourself or by malware.

If you have an active internet connection, one of the easiest methods is to use cloud backup such as Carbonite or Backblaze which costs around $6 per month for a single PC. This allows you to backup all your documents, images etc. with unlimited storage and both iOS and Android apps are available so you can access your cloud files whenever you have a data connection.

Having one backup option is a good start but if you can manage to have at least two your data will be more resilient to accidental removal or malware.

By Daniel O’Brien, GOTAFE

GOTAFE Launch Youth IT Pre-Employment Course

On Monday 4th September, GOTAFE in collaboration with InfoXchange launched its new Youth IT Engineering pre-employment program, to be offered in 2018.

The launch was well attended by more than twenty key industry representatives including; Rural City of Wangaratta Councilors, council employees, employment agencies, local LLEN’s, business owners from engineering and IT fields, as well GOTAFE staff and Info Exchange representatives.

Attendees were given a presentation of the pre-employment program that aims to give students the IT programming skills they require to support their practical trade skills once they are working in industry. They were also given a tour of the relevant training facilities and the 3D Print Lab.

GOTAFE Executive Manager, Educational Operations (Acting) Brett Ambrosio said that the event was just the start of a number of activities designed to engage the community and seek their feedback.

“GOTAFE will host future forums and feedback sessions where we want to engage with industry, the local community, employers and key organizations to establish what they really need from this pre-employment program and then customize a training program that meets these needs,” said Brett.

“Today is just the start of building a capable and skilled workforce for the future.

“We know that our trades students need to have skills in computer programming, enabling them to operate machinery commonly found in workshops across a variety of industries.
“The course will provide successful students with a raft of transferrable skills that can be used across a number of trade disciplines.

“Local business owner Heath Lloyd from Wangaratta Engineering who attended today is a perfect example of someone who recognises that the way forward for his industry is in training his employees to have both practical trade skills and IT programming skills that enable them to operate computer numerically controlled (CNC) machinery.

“Having someone who has completed this new take on technology training in his workshop would enable him to produce computer aided design (CAD) drawings and the programming of CNC machinery to manufacture a wide range tooling, parts and equipment used in a whole range of industries both locally and around the country.

“The launch also gave us the opportunity to showcase our Print Lab and the type of equipment students might use in their first year of study.

“We also introduced attendees to InfoXchange, a not-for-profit social enterprise that uses technology to tackle the biggest social challenges of our time.”

The launch coincided with the Digital Innovation Festival.

For more information or to get involved contact Brett Ambrosio via GOTAFE.

Shepparton campus students recognised for achieving goals

GOTAFE celebrated the success of their students last night with an Awards Recognition Ceremony held at the Parklake Hotel in Shepparton. The event recognised students who successfully completed their studies in 2016 within the Services sector including Business, IT, Art and Design, Sport and Recreation, Community Services and Health.

Three students were awarded Outstanding Student Awards for successfully completing their studies:

  • Outstanding Business Student, Stephanie Bell,  Certificate III in Business (BSB30115)
  • Outstanding Health Student, Sarah Trevena, Diploma of Nursing (HLT51612)
  • Outstanding Community Services Student, Rylie Kerambrun, Diploma of Community Services (CHC52015)

GOTAFE Executive Manager for Services Industries, Louise Pearce, was excited to catch up with the students to find out where their training has taken them.
“We are excited to see these newly qualified students enter the local workforce and use their skills to better the community. GOTAFE is dedicated to providing regional students with access to unique programs, facilities and pathways to university.”

This event is one of a series held throughout the region this March.

Tertiary Options Open Thanks to Key Partnership

Advancing your career and building on your networks is something many Professionals aim to achieve, but can prove difficult in regional areas. A partnership between GOTAFE and Federation University is attempting to make the transition to tertiary study an easy option for regional Victorian’s.

GOTAFE and Federation University have partnered to deliver the Bachelor of Applied Management, or BAM, through the GOTAFE Shepparton Campus, providing students with a unique opportunity to study without leaving town. Read more…

Council Staff Graduate From GOTAFE

Council Graduation

GOTAFE held a graduation ceremony on Thursday 10 September 2015 to celebrate the success of a special class of students.

26 Greater Shepparton City Council employees  successfully completed Certificate IV in Frontline Management (BSB40812) and Diploma of Management (BSB51107) at the Shepparton Campus.

Hannah Rowlands, Greater Shepparton City Council Communications Officer is one of the students graduating.

“One of the best things about the course was the opportunity to work with colleagues that I never usually have a chance to work with. It was great to bounce ideas and gain different perspectives from people working across the organisation in areas such as Governance, Childcare, Aged Services and Recreation and Parks,” said Ms Rowlands.

“I was able to complete this course over a 12 month period, attending class two days a month, which fitted in well with my work commitments. I really enjoyed being able to thrash out ideas with my colleagues and the assignments allowed me to refer back to my work, which was very helpful.”

GOTAFE Business and IT Commercial Manager Jo Craig enjoyed celebrating the achievements of the Graduands with their family and friends.

“This Graduation is recognition of the efforts that each student has made to gain their qualification.  It is definitely challenging to balance a full time role, study and a private life. They now have a ‘toolbox’ of communication, project management and problem solving skills that they can apply in their workplace resulting in better performance for both themselves and the Council,” said Ms Craig.

“GOTAFE has a long and continuing training partnership with Greater Shepparton City Council which demonstrates how we are able to work with organisations to enhance and develop the skills of their employees. We develop and modify our training programs to ensure they are relevant to the particular organisation and the roles their staff are require to perfrom.”

For more information on upskilling your employees, call 1300 GOTAFE (468 233) or enquire here.