Anyone can be creative

GOTAFE has launched their latest series of flexible short courses designed for art enthusiasts.

“Anyone can draw and be creative. Drawing and painting is a skill that can be taught and learned like any other activity,” explained GOTAFE Trainer Leonie Partridge.

For many years GOTAFE has provided a hub for local artist to meet, learn and exchange ideas. Many of the younger graduates have gone onto establish their own business.

“Former student Holly Tunstall is a great example of where art and design can take you. Holly now runs a successful design company in Melbourne after studying both certificates in Visual Arts and Design at GOTAFE. Another graduate Kate Gorman has made a name for herself as a successful practicing artist exhibiting regionally and regularly in Melbourne. We love staying in touch with our students, watching them grow and succeed,” said Ms Partridge.

“Portrait painting is one option where you can learn to capture family members and those magic moments. The course begins with the basic structure understanding and goes through to the application of a range of expressive paint techniques. Beyond plain air looks at a fresh approach to capturing the magic of selected north east locations such as the Warby’s, Winton Wetlands and the Ovens River,” explained Ms Partridge.

‘It’s all about meeting the community needs. Arts training like everything else needs to be flexible and timely.

“We want to offer flexible courses to allow people who are interested in art to pursue their passion further. Students may not have the ability to study full time; this new program allows them to study while they continue with their day job or while still seeing to their other interests and commitments. You might only be interested in completing one or two of these short courses, or you may choose to link them together to achieve a full qualification. Either way is possible.”

‘We have fantastic rooms and facilities. It’s a great opportunity for people to focus on a project and gain access to equipment that they may not have at home or in their own studios. It’s important that the community continues to access and to use these facilities.”

For more information visit our website, or call us on 1300 GOTAFE (468 233).