About Us

The National Centre for Equine Education (NCEE) is a specialist training centre established by GOTAFE in 2006 to deliver world class equine education in the area of  breeding, health, performance and racing. The GOTAFE NCEE is committed to assisting industry to identify, pursue and achieve growth and development. We provide quality, customised industry training, anytime, anywhere.

The GOTAFE NCEE Trainers are highly qualified. Our industry experienced racehorse Trainers, jockeys, equine nurses, stud managers provide quality training relevant to current employment needs.

GOTAFE NCEE facilities are based at Wangaratta, Victoria, we deliver online training all over Victoria and Australia with an international focus. Safety is paramount to our practices and training. We adhere to the Australian Horse Industry Council standards and recommended practices.

With our affiliations with Racing Victoria Limited (RVL), Thoroughbred Breeders Victoria, Wangaratta Equine Hospital, Australian Veterinary Association, Pony Club Victoria, Horse Riding Club Association Victoria (HRCAV) and Equestrian Australia we maintain strong links with industry and their needs.