Emily Keenan | Nursing

Emily Keenan - Health & Nursing Student

Being intrigued and inspired to learn is something that is very important to student Emily Keenan.

Last year Emily completed Diploma of Nursing (Enrolled Division 2 Nursing) (HLT51612) at GOTAFE’s Wangaratta campus, which was the first step in answering a lifelong calling to help others and care for people in their time of need.

Ms Keenen never thought she was smart enough to complete a Diploma, but is now set to commence the Bachelor of Nursing with Charles Sturt University via distance education in July.

“My GOTAFE experience was an incredibly positive and empowering one. I felt daunted initially about how I would manage, but the environment was so welcoming, and the teachers were exceptionally encouraging and supportive,” said Ms Keenan.

“For me, a huge attraction to the course was in being about to attend classes close to home, as it meant I could maintain my job as a chef to help supplement my living expenses while studying.”

Emily has gone from strength to strength, having been awarded the Australian Nursing & Midwifery Foundation award in 2015 for her outstanding performance and GOTAFE has recently nominated her for Student of the Year with the Victorian Training Awards.

“Lifelong learning is so important for everyone. What you learn is what you pass down to future generations, and that’s how we evolve. As a society we can’t afford to stand still.

“Through my own personal experience of study, I have learnt that I have a thirst for knowledge. I’ve found that when you have a true passion for something – and you love it and are determined to do it – absolutely anything is possible.

“We never stop learning. Whether it’s in life, in work, in study, in relationships – it doesn’t matter – there are opportunities all around us to learn and grow as people.

Ms Keenan is working toward achieving her ultimate dream of becoming a volunteer nurse in third world countries.