Hugh Haugen | Plumbing

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Hugh Haugen took out the top prize and was announced as GOTAFE’s 2015 Apprentice of the Year for Wangaratta and Benalla Campuses. Hugh, a plumbing apprentice, was one of the seven final year apprentices who were awarded the Outstanding Apprentice Achievement Award for their respective learning areas.

Hugh recently completed Certificate III in Plumbing (CPC32413) with GOTAFE is now busy working as a qualified plumber with RB & BJ Brown Pty Ltd in Corryong, a business he felt was well-respected within the community.

Trainer Len Redfern describes Hugh as an ‘Old Steam Train’ because of his consistent, diligent and positive attitude to his work and studies.

“Hugh was a quiet student but he did all the work he needed to throughout the course without question. He demonstrated knowledge and skills in installing, maintaining and repairing all types of plumbing systems and has proven his ability to work both autonomously and collaboratively with others to achieve agreed outcomes”, explained Mr Redfern.

After undertaking work experience in all areas of the trade industry, Hugh settled on Plumbing because of the variety and satisfaction of work the industry contains.

The Plumbing trades are recognised for the sophistication of their technical training and unique responsibility for the systems of public and environmental health, obligations that Hugh is well aware of. Hugh is also required to manage projects and assist his employer with identification and development of existing and potential commercial opportunities.

A keen four-wheel driver, Hugh also enjoys camping and fishing and is known as a respected teamplayer in the Corryong community.

Hugh hopes to start his own plumbing business and GOTAFE wish him the greatest success.