Reasonable Adjustment Plan (RAP)

What is a Reasonable Adjustment Plan (RAP)?

This is a new initiative for GOTAFE which succeeds our Disability Action Plan (DAP) it takes the fundamental principles of “Reasonable Adjustment’s” from the Federal Disability Discrimination Act 1992 and opens Reasonable Adjustments up to all. The ethos of our Reasonable Adjustment Plan 2014-2017 is to embrace all diversity within our student, staff and stakeholders as strengths contributing to our organisation and the communities within we reside.

To access our Reasonable Adjustment Plan 2014-2017 please follow the link below to the PDF version.

Student Services staff are highly qualified and come from a range of different backgrounds and professions including: Social workers, Welfare workers, Mental Health Practitioners, Disability Workers, Careers Counsellors/advisors. Each member of Student Services is registered with a professional association within the area of expertise keeping them current and up to date with industry knowledge.