Diploma of Human Resource Management


Course Length

Part time:

1 year


Subsidised Standard:


Full Fee:


Course Materials:


Student Services Fees (per year):



Shepparton - Fryers Street

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Course Overview

The Diploma of Human Resources Management equips students with the skills to make their mark on their organisation’s culture and wellbeing.

Students will develop skills in workforce planning, managing employee relations, staff recruitment and onboarding, as well as the development of individuals and teams, and the management of employee relations processes. They will also gain knowledge and skills in health and wellbeing programs, social and emotional intelligence, and in developing communication strategies.

Through this course, students will gain a strong understanding of the daily operations and functions in an HR department, including HR management information systems and performance management systems.

With qualifications in Human Resources Management, students will be an asset to any organisation, and will graduate ready to hit the ground running and make a difference.

Please note: the information on this page is relevant for 2022 enrolments.

Studying during COVID-19 Restrictions

During COVID‐19 lockdown periods, this course will have the majority of the training delivered using online methods of teaching and communication while students engage from home with their trainers. Any required practical components of the course will be moved to a more appropriate time later in the year.

Career Pathways

Responsibilities are likely to be determined at a workplace level. Some smaller organisations may require employees to work across all aspects of human resources. In larger organisations, individuals may coordinate a single human resources function.

Employment outcomes after completing this course include:

  • Human Resources Consultant
  • Human Resources Advisor

Inherent requirements

  • comfortable working with legislation, awards, policy, and some data analysis
  • an appreciation of organisational management concepts
  • the roles within this field work across any industry and location
  • skills and a reputation for working with sensitive information whilst maintaining strict confidentiality
  • an ability to work respectfully with a diverse range of people, and to balance concerns for individuals and organisational needs

Further Study

Students wishing to continue with their studies may wish to undertake the:

  • BSB50820 Diploma of Project Management
  • BSB50450 Diploma of Leadership and Management

Course Dates & Times

Shepparton - Fryers Street

Flexible - Starts on 29th Aug - Mon,Tue Nights (alternating) - 6pm to 9pm / 2022

Flexible - Starts on 5th Sept - Mon,Tue Nights (alternating) - 6pm to 9pm / 2022

Fee Information

1. Subsidised Standard: $5,278.00

2. Full Fee: $5,551.00

Course Materials: $180.00

Student Services Fees (per year): $85.00

This training is delivered with Victorian and Commonwealth Government funding to eligible individuals.

Please note that the fees on this webpage, for this particular course:

  • are correct at the time of publishing for those enrolling in 2022 and may change without notice.
  • will be discussed with applications as part of the application process to ensure it is understood what is being paid for and which fee rates they may be eligible for.

Course Fees consist of 3 different components:

  1. Student Tuition Fee - cover the costs of training and assessment. These fees vary across courses and are calculated based on a rate per nominal hour enrolled in. The student tuition fees as published are subject to change given individual circumstances at enrolment. Circumstances may include:
    1. an individual’s eligibility for Victorian (Skills First) and Commonwealth government-funded training
    2. an individual’s eligibility for concession rates on Victorian (Skills First) and Commonwealth government-funded training
    3. ineligible individuals who are required to pay the full fees for tuition and other costs.
  2. Material Fee - where applicable, cover the costs of classroom consumables, handouts and booklets, e-Learning resources and associated license access fees and excursions.
  3. Student Services Fee (SSF) - contributes to the provision of student engagement, learning and support services. SSF is a non-refundable annual fee that does not apply to short course participants.

Additionally, some courses require students to purchase or supply textbooks, kits, tools, uniforms and personal protection equipment. Some specific materials may be purchased through the GOTAFE Bookshop. A full list with associated costs will be provided to you at your course information session or during the pre-training review Interview.

GOTAFE offers a range of payment options to help you pay your fees.
Learn more about fees, charges, refunds and payment options

Entry Requirements

Training package entry requirements

Students must have completed the following units (or equivalent competencies):

  • BSBHRM411 Administer performance development processes;
  • BSBHRM412 Support employee and industrial relations;
  • BSBHRM415 Coordinate recruitment and onboarding; and
  • BSBHRM417 Support human resource functions and processes.

(Equivalent competencies are predecessors to these units, which have been mapped as equivalent).


Have two years equivalent full-time relevant work experience.

GOTAFE preferred entry requirements

Before being accepted into this course applicants must:

  • Complete a Basic Key Skills Builder (BKSB) online test to ensure the required literacy & numeracy levels for the course are met.
  • Undertake a Pre-training Review by interview to ensure the course suits their needs and aspirations, and that they are likely to complete the course successfully.

Students will be required to have access to a laptop/Computer with internet access, including access to YouTube.

Textbook required: Leadership & Management: Theory & Practice, 7th edition/AU/NZ Kris Cole ISBN 9780170403856

Course Study Units

Core Units
BSBHRM521 - Facilitate performance development processes
BSBHRM522 - Manage employee and industrial relations
BSBHRM523 - Coordinate the learning and development of teams and individuals
BSBHRM524 - Coordinate workforce plan implementation
BSBHRM527 - Coordinate human resource functions and processes
BSBOPS504 - Manage business risk
BSBWHS411 - Implement and monitor WHS policies, procedures and programs
Elective Units
BSBCMM511 - Communicate with influence
BSBCRT511 - Develop critical thinking in others
BSBHRM525 - Manage recruitment and onboarding
BSBHRM531 - Coordinate health and wellness programs
BSBPEF502 - Develop and use emotional intelligence

Assessment Methods

This course requires substantial written assessment work and in several instances required to record work in an individual presentation or a team setting. Assessment methods may include:

  • Knowledge questions
  • Project

Attendance & Commitment


  • are provided with a study plan which outlines their course structure and they are also given an induction into Teams, where their learning materials and resources are provided.
  • attend classes at the GOTAFE campus 2 to 3 days per unit, for 6.5 hours per class and night virtual sessions of (3 hours per session, 36 sessions in total).
  • receive a timetable that outlines the class schedule.
  • will work through their learning materials between classes, for around 8 hours per week. In addition, students are expected to complete some research and self directed learning.
  • will complete some of their skills assessments during scheduled class hours and complete their knowledge assessments outside of their scheduled classes.

We understand that some students may not have access to a workplace, therefore, this course has been developed to also support those students who are unable to access a workplace via simulated businesses.

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Learner's Rights

Refer to the Student Handbook for information regarding Learner’s Rights Student Handbook.

Further information is provided at course induction.


Please note: Eligible individuals who wish to access a government subsidised place, must participate in a Pre-training Review. This will consider your:

  • Aspirations/career goals
  • Educational attainment and capability
  • Literacy and numeracy skills
  • Suitability for Recognition for Prior Learning (RPL) and Credit Transfer

Enrolment in general public entry courses will require a selection interview. Please call 1300 468 233 to enquire further.

Skills Recognition

Skills Recognition is an assessment only process that may result in credits towards a part or full qualification. There is no formal training involved, although you may choose to complete further training as a result of the assessment process.

You can apply for Skills Recognition before you enrol in the qualification you are seeking. You can apply for Skills Recognition through one or both of the following processes:

  • Credit Transfer for formal training that might be equivalent to a new qualification or partial qualification.
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