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Creative Metal Casting


Creative Metal Casting – SCCASTIN20

Course Overview

This six week workshop offers participants metal casting techniques for small scale sculpture and jewellery applications.

Participants will be guided through the processes of ideas generation, drawing, concept development and techniques suitable for casting designs in pewter using cuttlefish bone, as well as using the lost wax casting processes to cast designs in a variety of metals such as pewter, silver and brass. Basic metalworking hand-skills will also be offered to enable professional completion of the student artworks.

Interactive demonstrations include the following skills:

Cuttlefish Bone Casting

  • Preparing Cuttlefish bone for carving and making design mould
  • Modelling tools and carving design into the bone
  • Heating, melting and pouring pewter into the bone
  • Finishing and polishing techniques

Lost Wax Casting

  • Selection of waxes and modelling tools
  • Methylated spirit lamp for heating the modelling tools
  • Modelling and carving the wax
  • Attaching wax models to sprues and flask base
  • Measuring, mixing and pouring investment into flask
  • Using the kiln for wax burn-out procedures
  • Melting Metals in crucibles
  • Pouring metals by hand
  • The Centrifugal Casting Machine
  • Melting metal for use in the Centrifugal Casting Machine
  • Cooling the casting processes
  • Cleaning, finishing and polishing techniques

Please wear safe, closed-toe footwear (no sandals or high heels). Please bring a notebook, pen, and pencil. All other materials will be provided.

Studying during COVID-19 Restrictions

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Course Dates & Times

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